Which Interior Design Style Is Right for You?

Your home’s decorating style says a lot about you. But what if you don’t know what style is right for you and your home? Here’s a little bit about some of the most popular decorating styles to help you choose which is right for you. Speak to an interior decorator in San Francisco for additional help finding the right decorating style for your home.


The slightly rustic, farmhouse style is very popular these days. This style features a more eclectic feel. Shelves of knick-knacks, distressed furniture, and soft colors. The goal of this decorating style is to create a warm, cozy feeling in your space reminiscent of a country home. If you find yourself drawn to soft blues, pastel yellows, and whites, love wood finishes, and enjoy collecting small items to display throughout your home, this could be the right design style for you.


While it’s a broadly applied term, modern design typically refers to a home with clean, crisp lines and a simple color pallet. It’s very much the opposite of the farmhouse style, as it focuses on using more industrial materials like steel and glass, rather than wood, and it discourages clutter. The color pallet is also often much deeper and richer in tone. If you love cleanliness and neatness, and are drawn to neat, geometric lines, then modern style might be right for you.


Industrial interior design draws inspiration from warehouses, factories, and other functional, industrial spaces. Exposed brick, untreated concrete, and hanging metal light fixtures are common elements of this design style, as well as very sparse, simply functional furniture. If you like your space to have an edgier, more raw feeling, while also craving simplicity and functionality, then this could be the right design style for your space.


A transitional decor blends elements from various decorating styles to create a feeling of balance and comfort. If you find that you love elements from different decorating styles, and you want to simply create a space that is calming and comforting, transitional style can do just that. You can blend plushness with clean, modern lines, or mix other elements of decor.

If you’re still unsure what style of interior design is best for you, speak to an interior decorator in San Francisco to get a little extra help with choosing a style and applying it properly throughout your home.


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