When Your House Needs a Foundation Repairs?

If you suffer from foundation problems, we can resolve this for you. In most cases, the sinking of a home is clearly visible, the reason being the foundation problems in the existing basement or crawl space. But what techniques are there and what are the costs for having your old foundation restored?

During a foundation investigation the possible exact reasons for a poor foundation are revealed. The first symptoms of a foundation problem are often the cracks that jump into the facades. The shape of the cracks often makes it easy to see where the problem is coming from, and you can often see what the problem is.

Because one must thoroughly investigate the best way to restore the foundation, damage to the property or property will occur at all times during the process of improvement. Of course this is minimized as much as possible.

Bad Bottom

It is true that the ground on which a house will be built is very often too soft and spongy to have a house or the like erected on it.

If you build on land that is firstly too soft or too spongy, you run the risk that the building will crack or crack in the shortest possible time. This is certainly the case on peat and clay soils. In the whole of the America, and especially in Texas, it is common that the soil is too soft to build on.

We specialize, among other things, in foundation restoration of older foundations that are not or hardly under the heat. The floors and walls that have sagged are put back in their place by means of the special injection method that we can apply.

Pile Driving

If you dig deeper at any location then you will encounter a thick layer of sand. But you may also come across chalk or thick yellow sand.

Piling for a foundation repair is a technique that is used by inserting a steel, concrete or one wooden pile. Because the piles are anchored so deep in the ground, it is a solid foundation to build. By applying this technique, the soil will compact. This way you will not suffer from cracks or cracks in walls and facades.

Immediately a Cellar

If foundation repair must be carried out, it is often attractive to have a basement installed immediately. Because the contractor is already working under the house, it is in most cases efficient to have a basement installed immediately. With foundation repair, sufficient space can be created immediately for placing a basement bin.

When placing and finishing a basement there will immediately be additional living space at your home. In practice, this means that the costs for the basement bin are actually recouped immediately. The costs for installing a basement bin with foundation repair are high costs, but considerably lower than if you decide to have a basement bin installed later.

Bad Foundation

In America, it unfortunately happens more often that houses have to be repaired after renovating a house because people have laid bad foundations in the past. In most cases, these are foundations on piles. But also foundations on steel cannot of course have sufficient quality that they must be repaired.

Especially in the Texas, it happens every day that houses need to be repaired because their house is still built on an old-fashioned wooden pile foundation that is no longer regulatory in modern times. A pile foundation is therefore typically a foundation that we regularly restore. If you are interested in having your home’s foundation repaired, you can request a free quote from, you will be surprised at our low costs.

Non-Bearing Foundation

If the foundation is rotten, the foundation can no longer support the house and you will see all kinds of cracks and cracks that could cause the house to collapse and a foundation repair is certainly necessary.

There are a lot of causes that the foundation is rotten, for example, because of the groundwater that drops, resulting in dryness of the piles. But a common problem is the normal traffic in a certain street. Cars or trucks that pass by cause vibrations that can cause the foundation to break.


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