Whats Better, 2 Cheap LED Grow Lights or 1 Quality One?

This question seems so easy to answer for most people, but it is because they do not get led grow light technology.


We understand you may not know how a led grow light is built, but we are here to help.  There a few key things a cheap grow light has that you can identify, all of which are listed here…

Cheap LED Grow Lights

1.  Cheap Low Powered LED’s.  If the cheap led grow lights you are planning on buying has 1 Watt Led’s, then don’t purchase it.  There are plenty of sellers that offer led grow lights with 3 watt led’s and emitters out there.  Our company is one of which that does.

2.  LED Drivers or Ballasts that are not separate from the main board or chip board.  Now, this can be identified if the power supply is connected in line with the power cord, but harder to tell when inside the case.  A power supply that has a over-current protection is also a must have.

Power supplies are the most common piece of equipment that is contained within the led grow light system.  If one burns out, you don’t want to throw out the whole lighting system, that would be wasteful.  You want to be able to get a new power supply and keep goin with your grow!

3.  LED’s with to wide of lens angle.  LED’s with a spread over 90 degrees are worthless as led grow light doesn’t have enough energy to travel great distances.  You want to be able to have all the light you can focused on what your growing as to ensure no led light is wasted.

4.  Not enough cooling fans.  A led grow light system should have plenty of air exchange, and for a typical 120 Watt LED grow light system, 4 or more fans should be present.  A led light system without proper cooling will burn out rather quickly.

5.  LED’s that do not have the proper spectrum of light.  Cheap led grow lights will try to included only one wavelength of light to your plants.A proper spectrum of light for you plants should cover the various reds, blues, and orange led’s.  A provider of quality led grow lights will have spectrum analysis charts available for viewing.

Cheap LED Grow Lights

All of these aspects are hard to tell on a glace, but there is one general rule of thumb that can make this easy for you.  Buy USA led grow lights!  The cheap led grow lights suck, stay away from them.  A led grow light made in the USA will be more money, but will run far longer than your two cheap led grow lights.

When choosing a usa based led grow light dealer, make sure you are purchasing from someone that not only has a telephone number listed on their website, but a very long warranty. Viparspectra can be one of the best samples to check out.

A 5 year warranty is available through our website, and customer service agents are available by phone 7 days a week.  If you can find a better warranty provided elsewhere, then please let us know.  As far as we know, we are the leaders in terms of led grow light service and support.


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