What is your home decor style?

Saturday, May 11, 2019

On Saturday night at around 9 pm, while scrolling down my Facebook page, I came across a short quiz by about finding one’s home décor style. So, I took it for fun. My result is Cottage with a touch of Industrial. I think this is accurate because my townhouse currently has the style, Cottage with a touch of bohemian, and I have some industrial pieces as accents. So, it is very close to my actual home décor style.

Moreover, it describes my style as “Your style is all about vintage silhouettes, Southern charm, and a splash of reclaimed wood. Shades of cream and trellis patterns catch your eye. Your dream room welcomes a wingback armchair with an Edison bulb pendant lamp to create a home that brings you joy.”

And, I did live in West Virginia for seven years when I was a kid. So, I guess that is where my interest for southern charm comes from. But I am not really into wingback armchair, and I guess that is similar to the bohemian vintage items.


What do you think?


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