What Is Spray-on Paving And Why You Need To Use It

As the name implies, spray-on paving is a method of finishing or sprucing up your flooring surfaces using spray. Not only is it convenient, but it will also save you a lot of time and money as well. The best part about spray-on paving is that you can apply it on old and new concrete surfaces such as walkways, driveways and even roads. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should consider this as an option for your next repaving job.

Advantages of Using Spray-on Paving

First of all, spray-on paving makes for a slip-resistant and easy to maintain surface that will ensure that you stay within the required safety regulations. However, as with any home construction work, the job needs to be done by a professional, and Repave is one of the most reliable service providers around.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you utilize spray-on paving:  

  • It prevents the formation of things like mold and moss, which can really affect the aesthetic value of your outdoor area.
  • Spray-on paving comes in many different colors, patterns and textures, making it highly customizable to match the overall theme and design of your outdoor area. You can even customize it further by including special markings or symbols that are special to you and your family. This is a great feature for companies that want to include their logo or insignia on their surfaces.
  • Thanks to the high-quality sealant that we use here at Repave, you can rest assured that your spray-on paving will feel and look fantastic for many years to come. That’s because the sealant helps to protect the surface and it also reduces cleaning time and overall maintenance.
  • It can be applied on many different types of surfaces, and this type of flooring is also quite durable.
  • One of the first things that most people notice when walking is the type of surface beneath their feet, and depending on the design it can either be boring and common, or exciting and colorful. Now, you can have full control of the type of design and color of your floor surface without making any compromises or paying an arm and a leg.

For example, if your home has a clean, sleek and contemporary look, then you can opt for flooring that has nice understated colors and a simple design. However, if a vibrant and colorful design is what you’re after then you can mold your floors to that design, thanks to the versatility of spray-on paving. Basically, you can use spray-on painting in any way that you like, to create the exact design that you want and not something close to it.

  • When you compare it to other paving materials, spray-on paving is very cost-efficient and budget friendly. This is especially so if you’re using it to fix damage that has been done on existing floors, and it works out much cheaper than re-doing the area using traditional means. Plus, because spray-on paving increases the durability of your floors, you’ll have less wear and tear to contend with, which will save you a lot of money in maintenance costs.
  • It’s suitable for use outdoors and indoors: Spray-on paving is suitable to use on your outdoor floors as it is on your indoor surfaces. Plus, its odor neutral so you can even use it to update your bedroom concrete floors knowing that you won’t be inhaling any harsh chemical smells during the night.
  • Curb appeal: Using spray-on paving is a great way to increase the value of your home, and all without spending a ridiculous amount of money. This will obviously make it more valuable when the time comes to sell your home.  

Sure, you can use other materials for your pavement or walkway, from concrete to asphalt, but nothing beats spray-on paving when it comes to convenience, cost-effectiveness, value and durability. The best part about spray-on paving is that it’s concrete-based, so it’s a great way to re-enforce your surfaces without having to combine different materials or using many different tools. You simply spray it on the ground and you’re done!

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