Ways to protect your home from Rainwater Damage

Every year, monsoons hit India as May ends. Monsoons are a fantastic time of year. Once your house is rain-protected, you enjoy it. However, it also brings rain damage to houses. Here are ways to protect your home from rainwater damage,

Close inspection of the house 

Close examination of various parts of the house like roof and walls. After the close inspection, you will get to know if there is any damage to them, which may lead to leaking in the future. Do not forget to inspect the gutter system of the house. The clogging in the gutter of the house obstructs the flow of water, which eventually becomes a house for mosquitoes.

Inspect inside of the house, to find damage to windows or door. Check whether they are closing correctly. If their seals are not working, the chance of getting water on the floor after rain increases.

Rectify the damage 

If there is any damage to the roof, seal with emergency roof patches. If you notice the damage before rains, you can hire professionals to seal the roof with cement. You can also use plastic sheets to cover the large area on the roof. This way, you can save your house from leaking and can recycle the water. However, this will be very effective if you are living in regions that experience heavy rainfalls.

The gutter system is a crucial part of the roof. If anything happens to it, the chance of more significant damage increases, thus, clear all the debris inside it. Repair the gutter system if it is broken. After finishing your work, check if they are working properly by draining water from them. Fit a wire mesh at their opening, and it will prevent the debris from getting stuck inside the pipes.

Taking care of the garden 

Try to keep the garden as clean as possible. Remove if there are any bottles or old tyres, where rainwater may accumulate. Such stagnant water is the breeding ground of mosquitoes that cause dangerous diseases like malaria or dengue.

If your garden has tall trees, then remove the overgrown branches. In the rainy season, the offices are trees often fall due to heavy winds causing considerable damage to the property.

Recycle the water 

Water is precious these days. Currently, many regions in India are experiencing water scarcity. During rains, you can harvest the rainwater and recycle it by reusing it to water plants or cleaning car. If you have a bore well at your house, you can use the harvested water to restore the underground water levels. Monsoons are a fantastic time of year. Once your house is rain-protected, you enjoy it.

The home buying process is, indeed, tiresome. You follow all those tricky home loan guidelines, to obtain the loan and finally, the delightful moment comes when you move to your new house. The new house is like a dream come true. Thus, you must want to decorate it the way you like and protect your dream home from all types of internal and external harms like rainwater.


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