Top 4 Benefits of Using Vegetable planter boxes

Those who are into gardening are aware of the challenges they face to make a garden bed if they want to grow vegetables on it. One can easily create raised gardening beds by creating a pile of soil or by using vegetable planter boxes where you can hem in and add soil. Vegetable planter boxes are commonly known as raised garden beds because some kind of wall has to be used to keep the soil intact over time. These are a good alternative to the conventional gardening system. Moreover, it leverages the gardening enthusiast to give their garden a modern and beautiful look. These planter boxes have always benefited all type of gardeners. In this article, we will discuss some of the major benefits of these planter boxes.

Benefits of Vegetable planter boxes

1. No ploughing is good for the plant and soil

The most convenient way of setting up the soil for the plants is by using vegetable planter boxes. Setting up of soil in the wooden planter box is easier. Moreover, the planters give you the leverage to place the planter at the desired location. While growing the vegetables in the wooden planter box, you must ensure that you add fertilizers at regular interval along with watering the plants.

2. No stress on your back and joints

All those who are into gardening are aware of how stressful weeding a garden is for the back and the joints. If the garden turned out to be a large one, then it is a nightmare for the back and the joints. However, this is not the issue with vegetable planter boxes as they are raised above the ground, which doesn’t let you bend, hence, less stress on your joints and the back. Those who are new to gardening should also practice gardening in raised garden beds to prevent future injuries.

3. It adds to the beauty of your property

Well, one of the reasons apart from the convenience of using vegetable planter boxes is that it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place. You can amp up your yard with these planters that are available in a wide array of colours and designs. Raised vegetable planter boxes provide a fresh and classical look to your premises. In cities where you don’t have enough space for a large garden having planter boxes can let you realize your gardening hobby. Raised planter boxes also let you keep different things distinctly as there is an absolute wall between the garden bed and other things such as an entryway.

4. It provides a better drainage system

Proper growth of plants depends on various factors, including the moisture content of the soil. The water should not be clogged; otherwise, it can hamper the growth of the plants. With vegetable planter boxes you are assured of proper drainage. When you use raise planter boxes it provides a better drainage system and enough space for plants to breathe in wet conditions. Moreover, raised vegetable planter boxes also provide better drainage during heavy rains. The ideal height of raised planter boxes is 12”.

5. Lesser weeds and crabgrass

Since ploughing becomes comparatively easy, you can regularly remove the weeds thus allowing proper growth of plants. Most gardeners who practice raised vegetable planter boxes for gardening cover their garden beds with cardboard, mulch or black plastic during the spring season to kill all the weeds and plants grown during the winter. When they start planting again, they simply remove all the dead weeds so that they don’t get the chance to grow seed.

Conclusion: Thus, these were some of the major benefits of vegetable planter boxes. You can get a wide array of planters at a nursery or online store. Make sure that you invest in a good quality product.


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Written by Kate Westall

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