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Domestic plants, in addition to serving to beautify the space we live and work in, can, at least in the belief, bring us success, money or even reduce harmful radiation.Japanese wood money, feng shui or crassula – a plant that “brings” money.Crassula originates from the wetlands of central and Latin America, but as decorative flower garden flowers first began to be cultivated in Asia.In Japanese culture, this plant has the role of attracting money, and this belief was accepted shortly in China and then throughout the world. Feng Shui philosophy also thinks that you will have plenty of money if you set the beauty in the proper place in the home, usually right next to the front door.In time, Crassula has become one of the most common plants in both the house and the business premises. In some Asian nations, the money tree is inherited


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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