The Joys of Having a Garden

Whilst many people don’t have the joy of having a garden or looking after or maintaining a garden, those that do have a garden I think it’s important to take pride of your garden and to maintain it so make it a beautiful and relaxing place all year round.

Whilst I live in a flat and unfortunately don’t have a garden I have very fond memories of my Grandad’s garden which is still beautiful now; although my brother tends to the garden more now as my Grandad is unable to get out there and do as much as he used to it.

I have such fond memories of spending summers days and evenings round there surrounded by beautiful flowers such as Dahlia’s, roses and other beautiful smelling and bright looking flowers and plants. The main feature in his garden was the rooster that he acquired when he was very young whilst working on a job and the rooster has maintained a place in his garden ever since.

It’s such joy during the summer to spend time in a beautiful garden to appreciate the nature and living world around us.

Even if you don’t know anything about gardening, go and buy some plant pots and some flowers and plant them. Put pots on your patio if you don’t have a flower bed and watch the flower grow and turn into something beautiful. Don’t forget to feed your flower with a suitable plant food of course.

Maybe have a go at planting some vegetables such as carrots or runner beans or start off with trying to grow herbs, which are great to add to cooking. If you are not into flowers, then you can easily look for ornamental grasses and shrubs, just to add a little life and something to your garden, patio or even balcony.


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Written by lis-lou

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