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Stories from my garden. Part one.

Robin Biznis June 20.2019, Belgrade, Serbia

The beginning of this story dates back several years ago.Then our street was cut out because sewage was being introduced. When the masters finished the job, I had to join the sewage system.For this reason, I had to dig through the yard underneath the metal gate and then to the street.At the gate I had orange Lilies. I was very sorry to destroy those beautiful flowers.That’s why it was not hard for me to get them to the opposite end of the garden.There were not many, maybe a dozen of them.But as the years passed, the flowers were only spreading and to progress.So today, after the rain, the sun went out and I made a photo of Lilies.

My decision to plant flowers gave Lilies   further life.I’m glad for that.And the flowers seem to know all this, and it returns to me with my beauty. It is in the spirit of our proverb: “Do good, that you may return good.”


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