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Relaxing Fish Pond in the Healing Garden

St. Mary Hospital in Langhorne, PA has a beautiful healing garden in the center of their buildings. This fish pond feature is very relaxing, and is alongside the patio for the cafeteria and is one of the borders of the large garden itself.

If I am having a meal here (when I am not an inpatient), I love to sit near this pond and watch the fish and the beautiful landscaping.

I will give you more photos from various visits in different seasons to the healing gardens in future posts.

The hospital’s website has this link for their visitor’s guide.

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  1. This is beautiful. The library in our tiny town has a fish pond; probably no more than 500 gallons and a circulating waterfall, but they have several really big koi in the pond that stay there year around, despite temperatures in the winter that can go for a week at a time without getting above zero. They use a really small heater and that is all, just enough to prevent the water from freezing solid, though it ices over. Anyway, I’ve always liked little ponds like that.

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