Real Estate Property Investment Miami FL: Six Top Reasons Why No One Is Buying Your Home

The social change happening to our young adults now have contributed to the low rise of home ownership. Millennials delaying plans of starting a family and financial limitations are just few reasons why home ownership have dipped low.

You’d want to grab every opportunity to get an interested buyer, so make some research on why homebuyers become uninterested to some properties. In that way, you will be able to know what you should avoid before selling your home.
To help you out, here are the things that you need to look into before putting your house up in the market:

  • Property Overpricing

You want to avoid setting an exaggerating amount to your house if you want it to sell.

As a seller, you can utilize CMS or Comparative Market Analysis in examining comparable sales from houses that have a close resemblance to yours. This report contains:

  1. Active Listings
  2. Pending Listings
  3. Sold Listings
  4. Off-Market/Withdrawn/Canceled Listings
  5. Expired Listings

You or your real estate agent, if you prefer working with one, can both look into its data before coming up with a price. You can check passive investors to find the wealth of knowledge from experienced real estate agents.

  • Lack of Curb Appeal

You need to get your buyers to get past your lawn to get them to your door. It is the first thing your potential buyers see when they inspect the house. That means you need to:

  • Prune the jagged trees
  • Trim the shrubs
  • Cut the weeds out
  • Mulch the garden
  • Free the front door and porch from any detritus

You can hire a professional landscaper to spruce your yard. If you are in a limited budget, you can mow and groom your lawn. Either way, making it presentable can make your house more inviting.

  • Eccentricity

While it showcases your identity, it is not good at selling. You would want your buyers to see your house as theirs rather than seeing it as yours.

  1. Repaint if necessary with neutral colors. Choose colors that will make your house look warmer and spacious.
  2. Get rid of your wall cover. This can give them an impression of additional job and another item in their expense list.
  3. Give them the space to imagine how their future interiors would look like. With it looking less familiar, it will also create an emotional distance which is essential to get a financial perspective on things.
  • Clutter and Odor

Cleanliness is next to godliness still holds true. A tidy and odor-free house can give good first impressions to your buyers. Here’s some of the things that you should do:

  1. Pack the things you only need in boxes and put them in your attic or basement.
  2. Sell, donate or throw those you won’t need. Displaying them might look like clutters in your buyers’ eyes.
  3. Aside from your pieces of furniture, buyers also check your drawers, cabinets, and closets to make sure they are cleaned.
  4. Put away some of your furniture so the buyers can see the layout they need to look at. Staying minimal is safe.
  5. Cleaning thoroughly will get rid of the unpleasant odor you may have grown used to. For strangers visiting your house for the first time, that can be very noticeable.
  6. For smokers, smoke outside.
  7. If you have a pet, clean the litter pan frequently.
  8. Empty the trash at all times.
  9. Open your windows every now and then to get a breeze of fresh air.

  • Pets

Pets are adorable but not for all. During an open house, you can take your pet for a walk or anywhere that’s not in your house. Some of your buyers may be allergic or frightened to animals and may feel uncomfortable with their presence. That also goes the same to you, the seller.

Give your buyers a space to walk around and talk about what they like or not like in your house. Your presence may also make them feel rushed and watched. It would also save you from yourself, especially if you have lived long in the house enough to have an emotional attachment from it.

  • Not as Described

For you to gain your buyers’ trust, your house must meet the description in its ad.

  • Put up clear and right-angled photos to show your house’s best asset. You can use a wide range camera preferably during the daytime to have natural lighting.
  • Declare whatever it is that needs repair no matter how minor it is. Better yet, fix it before selling your house.

Your buyers will eventually see the problem soon as they visit and inspect the house, so it is much better to be honest and state the damages if there’s any.

Your agent knows the things mentioned above but it’s still better to have the know-how yourself. And even if you’ve already sold a house before, a professional real estate agent can make the transaction run smoothly with their full knowledge of legal language and laws. They are highly experienced in dealing with paperwork and can save you from any possible pitfall.


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