Powered Air Purifying Respirator: Benefiting Employer & Employees!

Does your work environment involve air-borne pathogens or gaseous particles that can cause harm to your health, if inhaled? It is best to take proper protection from such an environment. Whether you are the employee or the employer, you need to protect yourself from the detrimental air-borne particles.

Many stores, offline and online, offer numerous top-notch options, but you need to find that one powered air purifying respirator, which is often called a PAPR and offers a perfect option for you and the work environment you offer.


When you work in an industry with different kind of gas emissions, which may be quite detrimental for your health, you need to take your safety seriously and wear a PAPR. PAPRs are known to enhance the security of the employees, who wear them and maintain them seriously. Apart from the fact, that it can save your life, PAPRs have some more perks:

1.  Eliminates Breathing Resistance: These have motor blowers that draw in air through a filter, so that you get clean air to breathe easily. The mechanical movement of the air helps provide a cooling sensation. With a regular flow of clean air, barriers to breathing are easily removed. This helps reduce the overall weight on the wearer’s body. Lower stress on the wearer’s body allows everyone to wear this kind of respirator, even ones who have been advised against wearing a negative pressure respirator, enabling you to continue your job.

2.  Higher Flexibility in Regulatory Requirements: Most respirators cannot be worn, if you have substantial facial hair. Just imagine that a beard can get in the way of your job. Would you really want to shave off your beard for a job? Well, if you use PAPR, then you might have to shave it a bit, but not get rid of it. When you use a PAPR, you will be able to wear a loose fitted head cover, instead of a tightly fitted, which allows space for limited facial hair. Just ensure that your facial hair should not make sealing the headgear a problem. Using PAPR reduces stiffness in the regulations of wearing a respirator.


Being an employer is never an easy job, especially if your employees deal with dangerous gases and pathogens. In such an instance, it is the duty of the employer to provide the employees with the appropriate safety equipment.

When you choose PAPR as your respirator, you are making the right decision. PAPRs have numerous benefits that ultimately benefit the employer as well:

1.  A loose-fitting head cover is the best part of a PAPR. This offers freedom to the employee to have a beard, which other respirators do not. When you do not need to set regulations like being clean shaven, your life as employer becomes a little less complicated.

2.  Comfort is the major component that drives your employees to work. PAPRs deliver clean cool air for the wearer, making the equipment comfortable to wear. This has a direct impact on the total work output in a positive way.

3.  When the employees stay comfortable, they need to take fewer breaks, which ultimately improve productivity, which is an employer’s dream.

Any employer would always want the best for his/her employees. Giving them the option to wear a PAPR instead of any other type of respirator makes you an amazing boss. With a PAPR, you offer your employees the security that they deserve, while dealing with detrimental particles.


    PAPR is a kind of respirator that has a loose fit and allows cool air to flow in with the help of a motor and filter. As an employee, you can easily wear such a respirator without any feeling of discomfort. As an employer, you are showing your employees that you care for them, which will help grow a stronger bond with your employees and they offer greater output at work, improving business significantly.  This proves that choosing PAPR as the work environment respirator for your employees is truly a smart decision, as both the employee and employer benefit from using it.

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  1. PAPRs are known to enhance the security of the employees, who wear them and maintain them seriously. Apart from the fact, that it can save your life, PAPRs have some more perks: It seems like you think we know what a PAPR. I am just confused.

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