Popular Wood Flooring Options Broken Down To Help You Choose The Right One

The floor is one of the things guests notice when they first come to your house and it is one that leaves a lasting impression on them if it is not up to order or neatly maintained. No matter how well designed or chic decor you may have in the house if the floor is overlooked, all that hard work goes in vain since it will not blend with the floor or go along with it. If you are on the lookout for wood flooring, read on below and find some of the most popular choice available on the market and make a better choice for your home

  • Oak

One of the most widely used options for flooring in North America, Oak is also resistant to dents and scratches and hence gains more popularity from people who are not in favor of using area rugs. This option comes in a variety of colors and patterns so prospective buyers can pick and choose to their liking. Also, to avoid any damage or tattering of any sort, it is important to get it refinished in a timely fashion over the years.

  • Mahogany

Mahogany, considered and lauded widely for its beauty and resilience has multi-use applications, for example, it is one of the top options for wood flooring in Denver and is sought after widely. Its water resistance and durability help make it a timeless classic and certainly makes it worth the money since it is an expensive option.

  • Lyptus

Not to be mistaken for mahogany, Lyptus is easy to mill out and finish and is significantly harder than Oak. It is available all over the world and has an increased market share every year. A major advantage of lyptus is that it looks similar to mahogany, but it’s less expensive than it. It will be a rare occurrence for anyone to notice the difference, hence it is a good option to bet on and use it.

  • Ash

Upon spotting a light-colored hardwood floor, it usually will be ash wood. For property owners who prefer hardwood, ash is the way to go. It is often referred to as the toughest and hardest wood there is. Ashcan be differentiated from hickory by the white dots in the darker summerwood. It is less expensive than other available hardwoods.

  • Hickory

Hickory is more common in rustic or log homes as it has one of the hardest exteriors available today. Therefore, it is ideal for homeowners who expect a lot of foot traffic. Families with multiple children can redeem great value from hickory wood floors. Hickory has close grains without any particular figure drawn. Designers use hickory floors widely in their plans since it goes with any and all designs.

  • Pine

Pine is not really hardwood but character wood. It’s quite popular due to the presence of pinholes and knots on it. Pine is very soft, so for those on the lookout for hardwood, but are unsure about its rough touch, pine would be a great option. The original character floor is not the cheapest wood available, but it’s not the most expensive option either.

  • Cherry

Cherry is an option that darkens with age ages and similar to other wood options in Denver and elsewhere, it can produce a great finish if maintained properly over the years. But, the drawback here being it can be easily scratched if not cared for properly. Over the years, Cherry flooring has been used extensively in the construction industry and is one of the most common options for wood flooring in Denver and all across America. Cherry hardwood is hard to work with, but looks as good as any other type of wood flooring once it’s sanded down.

  • Walnut

To bring that sparkle out in your home, Walnut will definitely do the job, but that wishful result will come at a price, one that is steeper than some of its counterparts. Walnut is a strong and durable option and deserves its hefty price tag. The wood varies from light to dark chocolate brown in color and is available in all variations at most locations. The European variant of walnut is lighter in color and slightly finer in texture than its American counterpart.

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