New Trends in Kitchen Design

An uninviting kitchen, or one that is awkwardly designed and inefficient is disruptive. It is hard to cook healthy meals or enjoy family gatherings in an environment that doesn’t work with your lifestyle. Transforming it into a workable and pleasant space will do more than make it a pretty room; it will improve the quality of life for your entire household.

Here are a few of the top kitchen design trends for 2019.

Quartz Countertops Orlando

More and more households are falling in love with quartz countertops in Orlando. This durable material is easy to maintain and stunning to look at. Here are a just a few of the benefits of quartz countertops.

It’s durable, made from some of the hardest minerals on earth.

Quartz is easy on the eyes and comes in a wide variety of colors.

It’s an economical alternative to granite and marble, often costing less.

Taking care of quartz countertops is a breeze. It doesn’t require a sealant, just a daily rinse with soapy water.

They are non-porous, which means germs, mold and bacteria can not penetrate it.

Cabinets and Shelves

The buzzword for 2019 is minimal and nowhere is this more apparent than in kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Say goodbye to kitchen cabinet handles. People prefer a sleek, unbroken surface and are opting for indents at the bottom of the door.

Open shelving has been trending for a few years. With the current mania for minimal design it will become more popular than ever.

Gloss is Out

The shiny cabinets and appliances that were popular a decade ago are now passe. Matte is in, and gloss is out. Expect this trend to stick around for a while. Oh, an unexpected perk is they look cleaner, as fingerprints are much harder to see.

Color Accents

Minimalist design doesn’t mean your kitchen will be boring beige. Designers are brightening walls and countertops in Orlando with bright pops of color.

Make your kitchen island stand out with bold reds or yellows.

Brightly colored Moroccan tiles are trending now for use in the backsplash.

Light up the room with a pastel colored stove and hood.


Smart appliances are becoming huge, making the kitchen much more efficient. Remote control lighting and more will take your kitchen into the future.

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