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Nature At Your Fingertips

Since the beginnings, humans have had ceaseless interaction with nature. Unfortunately, we often forget our roots. The civilization has made us forget that we are a part of Mother Nature. But we must not forget that instinctively, the humans have a positive reaction on nature and natural scenery. According to environmental psychology, the positive effects are less stress, improved mood, and better cognitive performance.


Is Looking At Pictures Of Nature Beneficial?

Lots of researches prove the benefits of spending time in nature. But, did you know that just looking at pictures of nature can lower the stress levels? Research conducted by the Vrije University Medical Centre in the Netherlands proves that. A group of participants was exposed to photos of nature scenery while solving some mathematical problems. Sensors tracked their heart rate and stress levels, while they were completing the tasks. When the participants were shown nature pictures, the levels of stress were lowered. The final report states that looking at pictures of nature and greenery can have a calming effect.

And this is not the only study done in this field. One of the most famous studies states that hospitalized patients have recovered more quickly if having a view of trees, rather than having a view of a wall.

A simple mountain wall mural can be a nice way to introduce natural scenery in your home, and therefore let you enjoy the benefits. Here you can find murals that will allow you to enjoy the pristine beauty in the comfort of your own home.

Tips For Bringing Nature In Your Home

According to the Psychoevolutionary Theory, the human brain is evolutionarily programmed to enjoy sights of nature. It can definitely reduce stress levels and improve one’s mood.  If you don’t like the fact that you are stuck in the middle of the concrete jungle, do not fall in despair. There is still something that you can do about it. When you can’t have your home in nature, then why not try to bring nature into the home?

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Introducing a large wall mural with natural scenery in your home is a perfect thing to do. This way, you will create a beauitful accent wall that will make your home look like a pro has designed it. On the other hand, you will enjoy the numerous benefits of looking at nature images.  Tip: When picking something for your bedroom, keep in mind that it should promote the idea of sleep. For example, a breathtaking mountain motif would look so calming. You can always pick the one that you prefer, such as a mountain range mural or even a misty mountain mural.
  • Do not forget about the home plants as well. With having so many indoor plants available on the market, growing your own garden is so easy. Keep in mind that some of them can double as air purifiers too. Some domestic plants such as snake plant, lily, and ivy, are known to clean the air and remove toxins.


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