Monsanto uses cancer as a stall tactic

The next federal case against Monsanto in California is scheduled for February 24, 2020.  The person that is filing the claim contracted non-Hodgkins lymphoma from continuously using the herbicide Roundup on her property.  The weed killer Roundup has an ingredient called glyphosate that has been scientifically proven to cause cancer.

Instead of settling the case out of court, Monsanto is looking to delay the case.  The reason is that the plaintiff’s husband also contracted cancer from Roundup after the case was filed.  The plaintiff’s lawyer is looking to litigate this case jointly instead of separately because his cancer confirms that they both were diagnosed with the disease from consistent use of Roundup.

Let’s just say that Monsanto hates marriage because Monsanto attorneys filed a motion to have the case delayed if his cancer is mentioned in the litigation of her case.  At this time, the judge has not made a decision on whether or not a continuance will be granted to Monsanto.  Once this decision is made, then you will see another post.


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