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Log cabin for sale ads sometimes offers something else other than pre-owned homes. On occasion, they are the openers for something particularly special in the realm of log homeownership.

They might call what they offer “prefab log homes”, or “log cabins kits”, but it’s all the same thing… basically, it’s the best quality construction, least expensive, fastest built and simplest way to own a no-problems log-built home of your very own that will last for generations to come.

Once it all arrives, you will find each part is cataloged and numbered according to the order of construction. All you do is piece it all together in a matter of a few short weeks, and you move in.

Being that all of the parts are pre-milled in an assembly line typesetting, production costs are way low, and so the per-log cost to you is also inordinately cheap. Log cabin Dublin homes for sale? Building your own is much cheaper. This is why it’s best to build your own log home from a log cabin kit.

The rustic appeal of a log cabin lies buried in the hearts of many people and this dream can be turned into reality by  with a decent set of floor plans, a little hard work, perseverance and a good set of tools.

Step by Step Procedure

A step-by-step procedure makes it a relatively easy process to build a simple log cabin and ensures you won’t miss any essential steps along the way.

1. Floor Plans – A decent set of floor plans can be purchased on the internet or you can have these drawn up for you by your local architect or builder. Be certain to include all the basics such a home would have that make such a dwelling unique.

2. Location – As in real estate investing, this mantra is paramount for the enjoyment of your future home. Choose the view that suits you. Choose your site on land that drains well and ideally is level. Clear the land of trees, brush, and rocks leaving those that you may wish to use in the construction of your new home.

3. Preparation – Construction begins with the purchase, placing and assembling of materials on-site. You will need all the necessities of home plus any amenities that will make your log cabin unique and express your personality so that you will derive complete fulfillment from your new home.

4. Construction – Generally, the construction process is the longest and most tedious stage of building a home. It can also be the most frustrating and most expensive as delays are encountered, obstacles are mastered and changes are incorporated into your design. Even Mother Nature may seem to be against you at times. But bearing through it all will be worth it as your home is finally ready for you to move in.


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