Importance of landlord electrical certificate

The need for proper maintenance and management of rental properties becomes quite an onerous task. Otherwise the risk of spending a lot more on repairs and liability in the long run becomes inevitable. The importance of Landlord’s electrical certificate for a tenant’s deal becomes important while leasing any property. It is rather an essential thing you need to cope with whenever you own a home or rent a home. It ensures that the landlord’s electrics and other electrical components are safe to use in his property and do not cause much hassle for the tenants. Electrical safety should always be the very first thing on the renter or owners minds and on their lists of responsibilities.

Landlord electrical certificate not only builds confidence among the tenants but also ensures that your property is safe for dwelling and business purposes. Such Landlord electrical certificates can only be provided by a qualified and registered electrician, as these consists of reports highlighting the results from a thorough inspection of a property’s electrical systems.

As a landlord it becomes your responsibility to schedule the inspection every three to five years, as it may reveal the overall integrity of your property’s electrical system, which can deteriorate over time.

The most significant aspect to this is in case fire or an accident occurs on the rental property and you have had the landlord electrical certificate made recently, then liability can be the least of your concerns. The electrical installation condition report shows that your electrical system is healthy and safe and would reduce your liability in case a tenant files a lawsuit.

PAT or portable appliance testing is another method that needs to be employed. It is the checking of the safety of portable electrical appliances in your property. These portable appliances include stationary equipment like commercial led outdoor lighting, fridges and washing machines, as well as things like TVs, kettles and space heaters that needs to be checked for faults.

Finally a landlords electrical certificate would ensure that that you spend less on maintenance and be secured of your liabilities .


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Written by Lauren Williamson