How to Prevent Pet Scratches on Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl wood flooring is the choice of many households with pets. When your pets run around the house, they create noise. If you have a different type of flooring, chances are it will magnify the sound that your pets make. But with vinyl, which reduces and absorbs noise, you can significantly reduce the noise that your running pets (and kids) make. Another benefit that vinyl wood flooring gives to homeowners is its resistance to scratches. Dogs and cats are most notorious for making scratches on floors as well as walls and other fixtures.

If you allow pets inside your home, which is most likely the case, then here are some things that you can do to prevent scratches on your vinyl flooring. It is important to note that vinyl flooring is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. It means that it can still get scratches regardless of how careful you are around the house.

Keep your pets’ nails trimmed

Always make sure that your pets’ nails are short. Their paws touch the floor, and if they have long nails, chances are they will scratch the floor from their running, walking and jumping around. Schedule a weekly grooming session for your dog, or you can trim their nails yourself to save money. For more info visit TreeHouse Puppies

Clean the floors frequently

Here is how you can clean your vinyl floor and mask the scratches if you cannot get rid of them altogether.

  1. Soak a sponge in a bucket of lukewarm water with a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid. Scrub the scratched portion of the floor thoroughly until you see the scratch disappearing.
  2. Let the area dry for several minutes.
  3. Use fine sandpaper to sand the scratched area after you sponge it. Be gentle with your sanding strokes, because if you use firm pressure, you will score the floor, and you will have to replace the panel, as it will not look good anymore.
  4. After sanding, get rid of the dust by wiping it with a wet and clean cloth. Dry the area completely.
  5. To restore the shine of the sanded area, use wax. Buff it until it returns to its original sheen.

Pet nails are not the only things that scratch your floor. Debris from the outside can also put scratches on your precious floor. Make sure to sweep your floor frequently so that you don’t step on the debris that can scratch the floor. Whenever you see something on the floor, clean or pick it up right away so that you don’t step on it.

Having pets at home can prove to be very tough on flooring. That is why if pets are non-negotiable for your family, it is wise to adapt to them in your home by installing vinyl flooring. Not only will you get durable, inexpensive and elegant flooring, but you can also enjoy your pets indoors without having to worry about them filling your floors and walls with scratches.



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