How To Get Your Auto Key Fob Replaced Quick

Have you lost your car key? Well, it happens to millions of other people all over the world regularly. The difference is how you deal with the situation. You can lose the car keys working in the office, jogging, visiting a friend, or in the shopping mall. Perhaps you got mugged and lost your bag with the keys inside. Regardless of circumstance, losing a car key is very stressing and expensive too. So, you need ideas on how to get your auto key fob replaced quick.

What to do

The first thing to do on losing your car key is to call a reliable OCK locksmith. These have experience and knowledge to fix locks for all types of vehicles. The first step is to check their website for their number to direct them to your location. Additionally, you can ask friends and relatives around for reliable locksmith suggestions. After booking the locksmith, you’ll have to give details of your car key.

Types of car keys

Transponder key

Common in cars made after 1995, transponder chips are programmed to start a car via radio transmissions. There’s a device near the car ignition switch on the vehicle with a receiver. The transponder key gives out a low-level signal detectable when the key is in the switch. Your vehicle won’t start when a wrong key is inserted.

Fob key

This system allows accessing the vehicle through an electronic chip. A fob key controls the functions of a vehicle differently compared to traditional keys. With a key fob, locking and unlocking your car requires a simple push on the button. It’s very safe, convenient, and has customizable options with an option to get an LCD display for advanced vehicle monitoring. A reliable and professional locksmith can handle key fob replacement in OKC.

Expectations from the locksmith

The locksmith should have appropriate technology to program fob keys for enhanced safety. Luckily, when you lose the key, the locksmith will come in handy to program a new key for you. It’s therefore, very important to keep the number of a reliable locksmith on your speed dial. You might never know when you might need them.

Professional locksmiths have clear understanding of lock mechanism and replacement. Perhaps your car lock is not working because thieves have been trying to break it. Luckily, a professional locksmith will do whatever it takes to restore your locks. Locksmiths have experience with various locks to increase chances of handling your issue. Attempting DIY will just make the issue worse.

There’s more

Modern car keys are very sensitive because they are programmed to make duplicating the not simple. This enhances safety of your vehicle. However, when you lose your car key, a professional locksmith will have specialized equipment to duplicate all kinds of keys. You will get a new key reprogrammed to fit the manufacturer’s instructions without spending much.


When stuck on losing your car key, calling a reliable locksmith is the best solution. The locksmith will be at your premises in a jiffy to make you a new key and get you back on the road in a while.


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