How to Find Trustworthy Yet Cheap Plumbers in Birmingham, Alabama

For nearly all of us, any type of plumbing problem is simply not a do-it-yourself project. Plumbing is complicated and if you do something wrong, you could cause serious damage to your home (and wallet!) For this reason, most people choose to hire the best plumbers in Birmingham to come to their home and fix a leak, look at their hot water heater, or unclog a drain. But, if you’ve never hired a professional plumber before or aren’t happy with who you have hired in the past, you may be worried about exactly how you’ll find the right company. Don’t worry, it isn’t complicated. Just follow a few simple steps:

#1 Ask your friends and neighbors. A word-of-mouth reference is the best way to find nearly anything, from a new taco restaurant to a hair salon to yes, even a plumber. Ask any neighbors you are close with, or coworkers, friends, and nearby family if they’ve hired a plumber recently. If they liked the company they went with, this is a great place to start your search.

 #2 Do some online research. A quick Google search is all you need to find the names and contact information of several local plumbers. You can add in extra search terms to find a perfect match, like “plumbers to fix a leaky faucet” or “cheap plumbers in Birmingham, Alabama.”

 #3 Check with review websites and other agencies. Now that you have a few names, either from who your neighbors suggested or from your Google search, it is time to look further into them. You can look at review websites from real people who have used them in the past, like Yelp and Angie’s List. This is a great way to get an understand as to whether people are happy with them or regret choosing them. Be sure to also check official resources, such as the Better Business Bureau, to see if there are numerous complaints filed against them or if they have a good rating.

 #4 Reach out and ask questions. You’re almost ready to make your final choice! Before you do, give them a call or email them and get a feel for who they are and how they run their business. After all, they’ll be in your home. If you like what they have to say and how they present themself, go ahead and book an appointment.

This may take a little longer than simply calling the first name you can find, but these four steps are well worth it. By putting in a little effort, you’ll find a plumber who you can trust to get the job done right and for a price you can afford. Next time you need drain services or hot water heater maintenance, you’ll know exactly who to call.


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