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Guppies in a Fish Tray at Home Garden

I have hoped to create a small water body in my garden. But I did not do it for long since any fresh water body would attract mosquitoes in our place. Mosquitoes thrive in large numbers in tropical regions and a water body makes the problem worse. Then I considered using fish to keep such a water body mosquito-free. Protecting fish from birds would pose another challenge that I had dropped the idea.

It was only early this year we picked up a small cement tray from a neighborhood plant nursery. This cement tray is the same as the ones used in construction sites, but I wanted to use it as a permanent water body in my garden. I added a few guppies onto this water body. The guppies are very adaptive creatures and have learnt to survive here for the last six months. Crows often drink water from this tray and occasionally swallow a few guppies. Still, the guppies have survived for long keeping the water body mosquito-free and clean.


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    • The water lily and the other plant (Java Moss I think) that we tried earlier died after a week. The fishes managed to survive in the bare tray. Now after 6 months, I tried water lily and the other plant. They look healthy for over two weeks and I see new leaves coming out. The underwater greenery should create an illusion of extra space for the guppies.

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