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How to get rid of pesky Fruit Flies

Ever had the problem of pesky fruit flies?

Sometimes when a banana has become over-ripe in the fruit basket, fruit flies will take great delight in invading your space in great numbers.

It’s not just bananas either. Fruit flies love any fruit or vegetable that is not stored in the refrigerator and has started to go off or is in a ripened state.

They can become a problem in the summer months especially, probably because people tend to buy more fruit in those months.

Initially, the flies can be bothersome at best, but did you know that each fly can lay up to 500 eggs on ripened or fermenting food?

Those eggs typically take a week to hatch and then they can become a real irritation.

The best way to rid yourself of any infestation is to first get rid of the flies, which I will explain below, then clean any fruit and veg in that area and cut away any over-ripened parts. It is probably a good idea to refrigerate the remaining fruit and veg or throw it away if it can not be consumed.

So, here is my tip for getting rid of the pesky critters.

Take a small dish and squirt some tomato ketchup or barbecue sauce in the bottom. Stretch some clingfilm over the top of the dish.

Prick several small holes in the clingfilm and wait.

The flies will smell the sauce and the aroma will guide them to the holes. They will climb in, thinking ‘Yummy!’ and the trap is set. They will not be able to find their way back out!

Take the dish outside and let them go (don’t forget to shut your door, lol).

Then place some fresh cling film over the dish and repeat.

It really does work!


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