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Which Fruits Contain The Most Nutrients

No one fruit is equivalent to another. They have varied nutrients as pertains to minerals and vitamins. We rarely evaluate any fruit before eating it.

Doctors prefer you eat five different types of fruits daily. It does not only refer to fruits but those that can be eaten whole. One eats the peels plus all the seeds and succulant fruit too.

Due to the above, many nutritionists have packaged brands on the same. The only problem is that the packages are not as fresh as fruit directly from the farm.

Many fruits should also be free from toxins from fertilizers. Farmers are encouraged to use organic manure as much as possible.

Which then is the most nutritious fruit?

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Written by stbrians


    • It has a taste in-between a cucumber and a melon. It is just like a tomato, juice and seeds. The taste is not so sweet but very nutritious.

  1. I love this post… but you do know your pictures are not right – right? You had grapes for dates and nectarines for apples…. I love litchis.