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Fruit Pests _ the Guava Moth

The Peach tree in my back yard has an infestation of Guava Moth. It means the Guava Moth caterpillar eats more peach than we do and they burrow away in the fruit.

One of my Golden Queen peaches on the first photo you see for this post.

I have cut out the good parts of the peaches and stewed them for fruit, but the rest of the rotten fruit or bad parts, every peach left over is put in plastic bags and sealed and then put into a rubbish bin.

Then I got 2 traps set up one for a neighbour and one for myself. to trap moths.

The Guava Moth eats peaches, guavas, feijoas, and citrus fruit and plums. 

The rest I can show you. I got the traps from Mitre 10 in Onehunga. The traps were not cheap but here in Auckland NZ, apparently we have an infestation of Guava moth

The Guava Moth trap works for 15 metres.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Thanks Albert, Guava Moth looks like an ordinary Moth but the female lays eggs on fruit like peaches, guavas, feijoas, citrus fruit and plums and the caterpillars eat the fruit from inside.
      The photo of a small hut contains a sticky paper and a male attraction rubber part. The males die so they cant fertilise the female moth.
      I hate killing anything but we need to eat our fruit.


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