From Bleak To Chic: 7 Ways of Having a Trendy and Sleek Kitchen Design

Whether you’re constructing, remodeling, or renovating your kitchen, the best thing to consider is having your kitchen look trendy. A lot of kitchen designs nowadays are flexible and slowly adapting to contemporary and futuristic designs.

A multifunctional kitchen is a showcase of easy customization and is ergonomic in every way imaginable. Multifunctional kitchens also involve the use of selective countertops, sinks, cupboards, furniture, and the like.

With that said, let’s deem to read the things enumerated below and see what must be the hottest kitchen designs and trends today.

Dark Gray Countertops, Floors, and Walls

In any given time and situation, gray can provide a comforting and warm atmosphere. Gray can compliment every type of furniture you have, their finishing, and everything about your kitchen. Gray countertops, floors, and walls create and give an elegant vibe.

If you’re using gray colors for your kitchen as a theme, it creates an industrial look and gives out a sleek edge. Also, an additional tip utilizes gray kitchen countertops as it would give your kitchen place a very welcoming vibe.

Backsplash Glass Tile 

Backsplash glass tiles may help small spaces look larger especially if you follow a linear pattern. Since it comes in a horizontal arrangement, it creates a 3D effect that extends the area to a broader reach.

Furthermore, using deep blue cobalt should put you on trend. Also, if you pair it with gray countertops, it will look more lustrous. Backsplashes may also be installed in ceilings and walls not just putting it behind the stove.

Contrasting Colors

Having a single-colored theme for your kitchen would make it look industrial. It doesn’t have to look that way. You don’t want that your kitchen to look dull and outdated. You would like it to be more edgy, sleek, and elegant.

Moreover, using a harlequin technique arrangement would help you add a splash of colors to your kitchen. It is a technique where you can use four or five varieties of different color making sure the same shades do not meet.

Bigger Storage

Having an amped-up and extended size storage can also keep away your kitchen look industrial. Your kitchen will look contemporary along with your gray countertops, and horizontally arranged backsplashes, larger cabinets, and depots.

Light-colored Cabinets

Using light colored cabinets applies to kitchen remodeling and renovation. Conventional kitchen in each household is mostly using dark colored cabinets which makes the kitchen more industrial.

So, using light colored cabinets will make your kitchen’s vibe lively. It generates a warm and cozy atmosphere and invites you to do more cooking activities. It’s also pleasing to the eye and gives you a happy mood while you’re preparing meals.

Tuxedo Cabinets

What’s a tuxedo cabinet? A tuxedo cabinet is something formal and dressy. If you picture it out as a part of a kitchen furniture style, it denotes a black and white accented cabinets. Thus, it looks playful in the eyes.

Also, you can mix different colors to your tuxedo cabinets. Black and white can complement different kinds of colors. It makes it easy to achieve a more trendy kitchen look.

LED Lighting

LED lights come in different, and it’s inexpensive. So, the best way to do for your kitchen to look elegant and trendy should be installing LED lights on ceilings, corners of your furniture, and anywhere you want and feel to put it.


While other parts of the house have a significant function and use, kitchen entails the heaviest and the busiest space in any given household. It is where we prepare our food for family meals, a grand party event, and so on.

Thus, having a welcoming, trendy, modern, and sleek kitchen is doable by choosing the right materials especially the colors of your countertops and furniture. Considering the tips listed above to give your kitchen an edgy look, you may buy materials at any retail location found in your area.


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Written by Tom Clark

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