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Essential spring cleaning for your garden

Spring cleaning is not just for the home. The garden and yard also need a healthy dose of spring cleaning. There will be yard and garden cleaning and preparing the ground for spring planting. While doing so you will also be enjoying the fresh, clean spring air.

During the winter months, the garden is generally left neglected. Before you can put seedlings, seeds and new plants in the ground, all the accumulations of debris, dead leaves and everything else you didn’t get to do before the snow came, will have to be cleaned up. If you have dogs, you know that scooping up their leftovers would probably be the first order of business. So lets get started.

Remove all garbage and dead leaves left over from fall and accumulated over the winter months. Your compost will benefit from the addition of the dead leaves. Just ensure that anything waste you put in the compost is free from any animal waste.

Get out the rake, hoe, shovel and trimmers because you now have to get rid of dead plants. Annuals should be uprooted – if this wasn’t done in the fall – and added to the compost heap. Ensure that you are not uprooting perennials, but these could be trimmed back.

Another part of the essential spring clean up is washing everything that needs it. A power washer is a great help but you can also use a garden hose with a power head. Wash sidewalks, patios, garden furniture, garden pots and other structures and equipment.

Check to see what you have left after the clean up. The winter can reap havoc on your garden pots, furniture and ornaments. Sadly, you will have to do an inventory and decide what to throw out and what you need to replace.

Weeds start to pop up as early as possible. The earlier you deal with weeds the better  you will be able to control them during the growing season. Pull out, dig up and use the appropriate weed control methods at your disposal. Check for any emerging ants or other nests and treat appropriately.

If you have a garden pond or water features, clean, drain and prepare. Remove debris, perform needed repairs and add water.  Prepare the soil by tilling and adding compost, soil and fertilizer. Your garden is now a clean slate ready for seeding and adding new plants.


Preparing your garden for spring ensures that you have a bumper crop as well as a low maintenance garden. Above all, it is sure nice to start creating a beautiful space for your summer enjoyment.

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