EPA review of RoundUp is flimsy


In this video, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that they have reviewed and assessed that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller RoundUp, is safe to use.  Do you know why the EPA thinks that RoundUp is safe?  The EPA does not use the product!

However, thousands of people from around the world have obtained non-Hodgkins lymphoma for simply attempting to eliminate weeds from their garden.  If RoundUp is safe to use, then why are the makers of RoundUp looking to settle out of court for $10 billion (USD)?  

Although weeds do not add to the aesthetic of a garden, weeds are a part of the environment.  From a logical perspective, the EPA should not look to rubber stamp a product that harms the environment.


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  1. I always think about the book “Lead Wars” — It took 50 years to get the lead out of gasoline even though they knew it was poison in 1920 and scientists said this is not a good idea. The tactics by the corporations were the same as now.
    I really should go to the Monsatan (now Bayer) website to find the real truth I guess. Silly me.

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