Different Types of Modern Cabinet Doors

You only need to Google kitchen cabinet doors to discover just how many options there are out there. To be honest, it can get a little overwhelming when you have to make a decision. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the main options you have when it comes to your kitchen cabinet doors so you can hopefully narrow down your choice!

Vinyl wrapped doors

Vinyl wrapped doors are made from MDF and a layer of vinyl is then wrapped and glued around the wood. The vinyl is vacuum sealed to ensure smooth, durable results. Vinyl doors have the advantage of coming in a range of different colour and finishes, including wood grain options. Due to the range of colours available, you’ll be able to find a vinyl door which perfectly suits your personal style. This option is cost effective and can be used with a range of different doors profiles. Viny is scratch resistant, easy to clean and durable which makes it perfect for high use kitchen areas.

Acrylic doors

Acrylic is a non-toxic finish which is applied to kitchen doors to give that sought after glossy, smooth look. If you love the high gloss look in your kitchen, then acrylic is the best option for you and it gives a sleek, modern finish. Thanks to it being hard wearing, it can stand up to wear and tear and you only need mild soap and water to keep them clean. They retain their colour well, and come in a range of colour options. However, this finish can’t be used if you want to router designs on the door.

Painted doors

If you want a quick and cost effective way to give your cabinet doors a lift, painted doors could be just what you need. With painted doors, you have access to an endless range of colours so you can find an exact match. This is perfect if you want to colour match with certain accessories or with other parts of the house. However, this option isn’t as durable as other finish options and take longer to be ready due to higher labour costs.

Raw MDF doors

If you’re not sure what look you want with your kitchen or are a keen DIY expert, you can always opt for raw MDF doors. This gives you the flexibility to finish your project on your own and get the exact look that you want.

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