Different Types Of Ideal Bathtub For Your Surrounding

A bathtub surround is a vertical surface material that guides the walls just above a bathtub or bathtub/shower unit. Surrounds can be built in many styles, varying from a single row of ceramic tile that functions as a kind of backsplash around the tub, to fully shielded walls that enshroud the three sides of a bathtub or shower alcove. In some bathrooms, the surround can include almost all wall surfaces.

Although basically made of ceramic tile, other materials can also be used for bathtub surrounds, which contains sheets of acrylic or polyester, or sheets of solid-surface material.

– Tub surround with columns

In this elaborate Italian motivated bathroom, a drop in soaking tub is set into a ceramic tile deck that reaches up the wall in a surround which consists of a single row of large tiles. A decorative tile accent row tops the installation.

In a careful tub such as this one, a tub surround in Denver does not need to take up more than about 12 inches of the wall. A bathtub with a shower, however, would demand a much broader surround. That is, In the right hands, tub surrounds can become works of art.

– Black Granite Surround and Countertop

Tub surround in black marble

This exquisite bathtub surround embodies a dream quality for many homeowners: space for linens, reading materials, or whatever. Here, the same materials are used for making the tub surround and countertop.

– Ceramic Tile Walls with Listello

Dark tile tub surround

Here, a bathtub surround of dark ceramic tile is popped up by the addition of a decorative band (listello) derived from diamond-shaped tiles in laudatory colors. This tub surround in Denver includes a nook alcove backed with mosaic tile, used to hold soaps and other bath materials.

Combination of tub and showers largely and always require surrounds that covers large areas of the walls to protect against water.

– Marble-Look Porcelain Tile

Light-coloured tile

Modern porcelains—a form of glazed ceramic tile made from fine clays fired at high temperatures—can be produced to look similar to natural stone such as marble. Porcelain tile can even impersonate wood or metal, which could make for a truly peculiar look for a bathtub surround.

– Simple Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Brown colored tile

In a bathtub with no shower, a surround can be a simple row of ceramic tile that undergoes the function of a backsplash. Here, the single row of tiles used for the surround is the same material used to close the bathtub deck. Note the confined row of bullnose tiles that edge the top of the tub surround in Denver.

– Art Deco Treatment

Marble tile around the bath

Here, large marble tiles and a narrow listello of diamond-shaped tiles make for a very elegant deco style tub/shower surround. The black and white color plan is a very used art-deco look, stressed by the change.

Note:  the surround is not restricted to just the tub/shower, but instead wraps around the entire bathroom.

–  Subway Tile

Subway tile around the bath

This surround treatment uses model   3 x 6-inch horizontal subway tile applicative in the classic running bond pattern, which gives any bathroom an instant 1920s vibe. The black and white color plan is a favorite for subway tile installations. This bathroom is still being completed.

– Full-Room Surround with Shelf

Light-colored tile

A small bathroom with small wall space makes it possible to make large use of costly, quality materials. Here, the surround consists of the entire back wall and both sidewalls of the bathroom, covered with an exquisite, high-end ceramic tile. The walls have been built with an edged shelf just under the window a mostly nice touch in a small bathroom.

-Trimmed Tiles with Bullnose

Trimmed tiles around tub

This tub surround in Denver is not a plane as it first seems. A single row of full-size tile is given a turn by the addition of a confined band of cut tiles below. A band of bullnose trim tiles edge the top of the surround and are miter-cut to continue down the wall along the edge of the tub.

– Custom-Cut Tile

Black tile around bathtub

Here, an odd-shaped bathtub gets a surround made from custom-cut tiles that cover the deck and reaches up the wall.  It needs a lot of cutting that is best done with a wet saw. But done well, it can create a very refined, extravagant look.

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