What Are The Common Roofing Options You May Seek For

One of the crucial things about designing your building architecture is to plan the roof. The roof is crucial for several reasons. The main being protection for the construction and providing structural strength, other reasons are aesthetics and style too. And while planning the roof you have to see for all these things. Take care that you make the roof from a strong material, which is abundant in your area, and which looks great and goes well with the theme of the building too, and also goes easy on your pocket. On studying and comparing all of that while viewing various roofing options you select one. And here in the selection process, your roofing contractor has a major role in influencing your decision, suggesting you the right roofing solution, and giving you the correct details about the various options you have.


The whole chapter can be a lot easier and less confusing when you have sound knowledge of the various popular roofing options you may get in any area.

5 Roofing options you may get in any area:

  1. Asphalt: The asphalt roofs don’t last too long and may need replacement after 5 to 10 years. It’s not a great option for homes. But it’s low cost, and laying the shingles don’t take much time, thereby making the project a simple one.
  2. Composite shingles: Durable for more than a decade, and really affordable, these are also abundant as a material. Your roofing contractor would happily supply and make you a roof of composite shingles. If you shell out a little more money and purchase the best quality, the roof may last almost close to 50 years with lookout and maintenance. The only problem with composite is that they can deteriorate faster when they catch moss, hence you must keep them clean.
  3. Wooden roof: Wood also makes for the good roof as long as you keep them out of moss and mould growth. For this, the roof must have the angle and tilt to drain off precipitation collected on it. Good quality wood may last a hundred years or more, and it depends on your choice, it’s age and seasoning, and then how much you care and maintain.
  4. Metal roof: Metal roofs are also a popular form of roofing when you need strength and durability and expect high precipitation on the roof. They can be made of tin, iron, galvanized steel, and such alloys, and can also be prefabricated and made of powder-coated galvanized steel, aluminium or other material to give service for many years.
  5. Clay tiles or terracotta tiles: Clay or terracotta tiles are great roofing materials for longevity and also come as budget options. But you must maintain them well, keep them off moss and moulds, and also clean them off the efflorescence occasionally. Clay tiles crack or break under high pressure or sudden impact, and thus you should be careful. Otherwise, they go a long way.
  6. Concrete roofs: Other than all that, you always have the choice to go for a flat roof, which is made of simple concrete. This does not require much planning or research. If you believe you don’t need a tiled roof, and a flat roof would manage the medium to light precipitation and wind in your area, then you can go pretty well with that. Cement is cheap, and concrete roofs are affordable, and also too strong to go for many years. You need to do periodic checks and maintenance so that it does not get water damaged or develops moss and mould infestations or cracks. These may lead to chipping off of the roof in patches and deeper cracks and leaks. Otherwise concrete roofs serve great for years.


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