Common Forms of Tree Pruning to Be Acquainted With

Some wild trees have the tendency to grow out of control and can create a huge mess. Everyone loves pine tree, but not if that is covering half of the road and creating a road blockage. Cutting the trees is not always the right option to consider. There are so many other ways, in which, you can save the tree and help people at the same time. If you are not for cutting trees and completely against it, the tree pruning might prove to be a pretty well-thought-out plan for you to consider right now.

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As you can understand the name itself, pruning is a way to cut trees and big bushes to give a proper shape to them. In a deeper sense, it can well be said that pruning of tree properly is an art, which is solely based on some scientific principles associated with plant physiology. When it comes to the basic level, such tree pruning comprises of removing dead and weak limbs, removing damaged parts of the plant and improves the current health of the plant. Removing the diseased parts of the plant will help to reduce the chances of any property or personal damage, which can be a result of falling limbs. There are some advanced pruning methods available, which can also help in improving your tree’s current structure and enrich its long-term health for sure.

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Prominent forms of pruning used:

Once you are through with the basics of tree pruning, it is time for you to learn more about the forms used by experts to give you the perfect result you have asked for. Once you are through with the ideas, making the right choice later can prove to be quite an easy option to consider.

Crown thinning:

As understood from the name itself, this method is a way to remove a small portion of secondary and small live branches, covering the crown region of the tree. It helps in producing a uniformed look of foliage on the evenly spaced structure. It further helps in reducing the density of the crown without even altering the form or share of the tree at any cost.

Crown Reduction:

If you are not quite happy with the height of the tree as this is causing some serious block, then crown reduction can prove to be another important option under tree pruning section. Now, this is not quite of an easy task, as only the height will be shortened without harming the form and shape of the tree in any manner. The ends of the branches are likely to be removed to a proper growing point. Furthermore, the diameter of the remaining branch must be 1/3 of the branch’s diameter, which is to be removed. 

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Lion’s Tailing:

This is another popular method under pruning segment. Some excessive number of branches, located at the inner side of the tree, can create problems and issues later. So, experts are called for removing those branches and create a clear look of the tree. If you are looking for such help as well, then Lion’s tailing is the process you should be dealing with.


People generally misuse the term pollarding when it is about tree pruning. In reality, this is the form of a maintenance routine, which will start when the tree is young. It should be repeated at regular intervals, during various stages of the tree. The branches are removed back to secondary branches in that proper shape. There are so many interesting ways available for covering this source too.

These are few of the many ways, which can be applied under the tree pruning procedure. If you are not sure of the right options to choose over here, consult an expert for help.


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  1. If it is in the open place I never like to cut the trees. Let it grow like what the shape may be but it gives us oxygen. Unless it creates any problem to the public should not cut trees it is my policy.


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