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Coast Spas Reviews knows that Apple is a technology leader. They have found a way to link all their devices to one Cloud and make their customer’s purchases available across all platforms. While that is all well and fine, the time they have devoted to that has put them behind the curve when it comes to actual phone technologies. Apple users pay for very small upgrades on a bi-yearly basis which do not even compare to the Android updates done on a yearly basis. What we mean by that is, when you add up both of the small upgrades that Apple makes in a year, it is years behind the technology that Android phones have made in the same amount of time. There are many different options of Android phones on the market and this will help you to find out just why that is.


If you think the small updates and having access to the purchases you make like a huge advantage, there is nothing we can say that is going to make you switch to Android from iPhone. However, if you are looking for more bang for your buck, you have come to the right place. Below we will explain to you the advantages of purchasing an Android device over an iPhone.

Chargers – That’s right, one of the most basic elements of your phone is keeping it charged and iPhone changes theirs constantly. Since they were first released, they have had 4 different chargers. Android companies don’t feel that this should be something that consumers should have to change based on different models. So, from the start, they standardized the platform and have only recently changed to a new platform. So, while Apple has changed four different times, Android has only changed once – and it was to a better technology, not to drive up sales.

Choices – With iPhone, you have the iPhone, the iPhone S, and the iPhone S+ models. That’s it – three choices. When it comes to Android you have hundreds of choices across multiple brands. This may sound daunting, but it allows you to purchase the phone that is best for your needs.

Removable parts – Do you need more memory? With Android that is not a problem, simply pop in an SD card and you are on your way. Your battery not holding a charge like it used to? Run to the store and buy a new one and you are ready to go. Those are not options that you get with iPhone and we think it makes a difference.


These are just a few of the dozens of differences, but ones that Coast Spas Reviews feels are the most important. You can settle for a phone that looks to gouge your wallet every six months for a different number on the phone and nothing else, or you can choose to go with an OS that will give you significant updates every year or so. Aside from all of the above differences and dozens other, another very important difference is the price. You will pay much more for an iPhone for a significantly inferior product. Make the right choice this holiday season and pick up an Android phone.


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