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Caladium – angelic wings

Caladium belongs to the family Araceae (goats), and its name is derived from the Malay name of the kelani – an edible plant. Caladium is probably the most beautiful and most colorful leaves of all herbs in pots. They are very thin and fine, especially those that have cream color with green scales.

There are many types of caladium. All of them originate in the tropical regions of South America. These are relatively low plants (23-38cm) with large spinning leaves, the most diverse colors, nicely sculpted. Caladium bicolor is a species of which most varieties are rooted in pots. His presence is the shady, humid and warm pigments of Guyana and Brazil.

Caladium creates underground tubers, from which, after winter resting, young plants are restored. In March, the tubers are planted in slightly acidic soil for flowers obtained from peat mixed with a small amount of sand. The substrate must be well-watered. From spring to the beginning of the year there is a period of intense growth of caladium. During this period, when watering, care should be taken that the plant does not receive too much water, since its roots are prone to rot.

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