Bust Your Misconceptions! 5 Hard Truths About Carpet Cleaning That You Must Know About

Do you think carpet cleaning is a simple task?

What kind of carpet cleaning liquid is right for the fabric?

Even though, carpet cleaning is a one man’s job, still a professional help never harms anyone. There are a lot of practices that we follow, which destroys our carpets over time. Kindly address the following myths and bust your misconceptions right away:

  • Carpet cleaning equals dirt removal only

If you think that carpet cleaning simply means dirt removal, then you are extremely wrong. It is one of the thing that it cleans, but there are various harmful elements that are harmful for you as well as your carpet. Your clothes are covered in bacteria, fungus, pollens and many other harmful chemicals due to the polluted atmosphere. Whenever you enter your place, you carry these chemicals inside as well. Most of these chemicals are shed on the carpet and it gets trapped. If you do not get it cleaned regularly, then you are exposing yourself and your family to many harmful chemicals. It might encourage ill health in the house and also destroy the quality of the carpet over time.

  • Clean your carpet once or twice every year

Waiting to clean your carpet does not save it from getting damaged, instead, it damages it even further. Whenever we step on the carpet, we grind dirt into its fibres. It is an abrasive and acts as a sandpaper for our foot or shoes. Just like a knife, the dirt cuts the fibres slowly and steadily. Cleaning it after months only means allowing the dirt to damage the carpet. You can vacuum occasionally too, but it won’t save the carpet fabric. Getting it professionally cleaned after every few weeks will prevent it from wearing out. A cleaner carpet lasts longer than a dirty one.

  • All methods are the same

There are a number of carpet cleaning methods and people think that all are equally efficient; but it is not true. As already mentioned above, carpets get extremely dirty over time and all cleaning methods do not get it 100% cleaned. Mainly, there are two types of cleaning methods i.e. hot water extraction and dry cleaning. People assume that dry cleaning is the best method because hot water damages the carpet, but it is not true. Just like you use soap and hot water to clean your body, a carpet cleaner uses a carpet cleaning liquid and hot water to effectively clean the carpet. Dry cleaning methods require dry foam or dry-compounds to clean the carpet, while hot water extraction methods require a powerful carpet cleaning liquid and hot water.

  • Price defines a company’s cleaning services

If you think that the company which charges the highest or lowest fees is the best, then you are looking in the wrong direction. Yes, budget is always a constraint for most of us, but that should not always be the deciding factor. Would you like to save a few bucks and experience a bad service or would you like to spend that extra bucks and get an amazing one instead? The latter seems to be more promising, so always check the profile of the company first, then look at their services and then the fees. Don’t save cents and waste dollars now!

  • Right equipment is all you need

If you think that the company who owns the latest carpet cleaning equipment is the best one for you, then you are wrong. Do you think that if you can purchase the latest equipment, you can also become the best in the market? No, right? Similarly, always choose professional experience over fancy equipment because if the employees don’t know how to use the equipment, then what good is it for you? While if a company with years of experience and industry knowledge can provide you with high-quality carpet cleaning services, then would you really care about the equipment that they own?

Don’t Stay Ignorant Anymore

Hoping that some of your misconceptions are finally busted and now you can see carpet cleaning with a new light. Don’t stay ignorant anymore, choose wisely!


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