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Autumn Roses

Roses Add Color to My Autumn Garden

Roses often add color when many flowers are shutting down their blooms. Even though I’ve neglected them, my roses are still giving me some autumn color in my garden.

Pink Rose in Autumn

Shy as she is, the pink rose is not to be outdone. She tries her best to compete by being subtle, though she adorns herself with raindrop jewels for a touch of elegance.  

My Favorite: The Coral Rose

Coral rose is modest. She knows she is beautiful and has no need to draw attention to herself with gaudy flowers in bold bright colors. She just blooms steadily from spring to autumn. She is in full bloom now outside my kitchen window, where I can admire her often as I write this . 

Which of these roses do you like best? Which would look nicest in your garden?

Cecile Brunner Taking Over Flower Bed Beside Fence Near Street

Cecile Brunner is also very fragrant, and her blooms outnumber those of the other roses. She owns more of the garden. You can see that in the photo above where she is climbing the pine tree, and that's only one corner of the garden. 

Cecile Brunner is also planted all along the back and side garden fences. See how she dominates this flower bed by the street? She's upset that there's nothing higher than the fence she can climb on. 


What do you think?

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  1. I like pink ones the best, that one in the rain is my favorite, but the climbing roses are awesome. What a beautiful yard and photos. Thanks for sharing your little spot of paradise.