Antique Bedside Cabinets: A Perfect Addition to Your Bedroom

Are you one of those people, who love antique furniture? Then, it is high time you get yours. For the past many decades, the prices were low, but in recent times the prices have started creeping up. Get yours now, before they reach beyond means. Well, what you spend shall be well compensated by the effect your interiors shall enjoy!

Why not consider lovely antique bedside cabinets for your bedroom? These have a certain quality that does not make them old. You can integrate them into your modern décor quite easily. Adding an antique cabinet, by your bedside is sure to enhance the aesthetic value of the bedroom.


    Antique furniture as a whole has been undervalued. Did you know that the wood that was used to make such furniture are either endangered or do not exist; either way, it cannot be used to make more furniture of that quality? So, you will not be able to find the superior quality furniture anymore. Here are a few perks of antique furniture:

The quality of wood and workmanship that went into making the antique furniture is no longer available. The modern equivalents are of far less quality.

Due to reduced quality of workmanship, chances are that the modern furniture would not last for long, but as you can see antique furniture will last you a lifetime and more.

The carbon footprint of antique furniture is much lower than that of modern furniture that has been just manufactured. Introducing new furniture in your household; especially your bedroom would really not be a good move for both you and Mother Nature. Purchasing a bedside cabinet of antique value would definitely be the greener option.

Purchasing antique furniture basically means no more trees are cut down because new furniture would mean another tree that was cut down.

Traditional antique furniture will never go out of fashion. Purchasing one for your bedroom like a bedroom cabinet is sure to add elegance to your bedroom.


    A bedside cabinet is a perfect example of furniture that helps to improve aesthetic value as well as utility. If the cabinet on your bedside is an antique, then it can not only be of utility but also add elegance to your bedroom. While you plan on purchasing a bedside cabinet, do take these factors into consideration:

   Height: Remember that the cabinet needs to be at the height of the mattress. A few inches here and there will not hurt, but it should be near to the sleeping surface. This makes it easy for you, to reach for things like your specs or a glass of water.

   Storage: From spectacles to medicines and much more, might be needed in the middle of the night. Keeping them in the open on the top can be problematic as they might be knocked over as you try to reach for them. Placing them in the drawers of the cabinet would seem to be the smarter option. Pick out a cabinet with the number of drawers that you might need.

   Style: A bedroom is a personal space, so it is obvious that its décor will be special for you. While purchasing the cabinet keep in mind your bedroom’s décor and invest in a fitting cabinet, which adds to uplift the décor of your bedroom.

   Proportion: Purchase your cabinet as per the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. For instance, if you have a huge bed, then you need to invest in larger cabinets for the bedside. Also, take into consideration the headboard (if there is one) as well as the other furniture of the bedroom.

There are numerous stores, both offline and online, that has a host of antique cabinets for your bedside. Find a reputable one and get a lovely bedside antique cabinet. Create an elegant and chic look for your bedroom, with these antique cabinets by your bedside.

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  1. My ideal bedside cabinet has to have a large enough surface to hold a bedside lamp, a drink, a snack, a book or a magazine, and an old-school phone (not a cell phone). It should also be a dark brown wood color. A minimum of 2 drawers.

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