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Decluttering is a daunting task for me and a boring one too! I was overwhelmed with the piling clutter at my place and yet unable to tackle it effectively. Most of us keep on procrastinating decluttering because it takes up a lot of time. It was at that time I came across many minimalist blogs. I read their success stories. Though I admit I can never lead that kind of extreme minimalist life but I was intrigued by the idea. At least, they encouraged me to declutter my house so that I could give it a more neat and organized look.

The best idea of decluttering I got from Colleen Madson’s blog ‘365 less things.’ She has shared a simple technique for decluttering- Declutter just one thing a day. It’s very easy and convenient too. It doesn’t look like much but if you are consistent then by then end of a year, you will get rid of 365 unwanted items from your house. Over the years, Colleen not only managed to get rid of the clutter in her house but also established a blog with thousands of subscribers who were benefitted putting her simple tip into practice. Her blog started as a place to document her daily decluttering goal but over the years has been evolved into much more.

Decluttering just one thing in a day – is Simple yet an effective way of decluttering. This is such a simple idea that it can be used by anyone. It doesn’t take up much time. I have been implementing the same at my home and I have managed to get rid of quite a lot of unwanted stuff in this way. If you also want to declutter your house but find it intimidating task then try this simple tip of decluttering one thing a day. You will begin to see the change in just a few weeks.

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  1. That is a good way to do it. I’ll admit that I need to get rid of some stuff, though we recently got rid of a bunch. The sad part is that I keep saying, “We’ll keep this because we might need it.” We finally get rid of it…and within a few days, need it. LOL

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