A Sneak Peek into the World of Farm Tools

Agriculture has long been the driving force behind the Indian economy. Even in the tech dominated modern era, agriculture tops the ladder when it comes to generating employment and garnishing considerable revenue. Farming or agriculture is the primary occupation of the vast majority of Indian population.  Even today, agriculture accounts for 15% of India’s GDP. There is no denying the fact that agriculture is the heartbeat of India.

Apart from the soil quantity, it is the quality of tools which play a key role in determining the overall farm produce. This is why it is of utmost importance to use the appropriate farmers hand tools. The right tool reduces effort and saves time which contributes to enhanced productivity.

What are the Different Farm Hand Tools? 

Farm hand tools are set of equipments which play a key role in different farming process. They are manually controlled and handheld. Since farming and tools go hand in hand, people should be educated on how to properly, safely, and effectively use them to improve work output. With the resources that the internet today has opened up to most of us, learning how to grow things is much easier.

Farm hand tools are that equipment which helps in the farming process by bolstering agricultural production. They are handheld and manually controlled.

The following are the basic hand tools used in an agricultural farm:

a) Crowbar – This is one of the most popular types of hand tools found in an agricultural farm. A crowbar is used to dig out large stones and obstacles. It is primarily used for digging holes.

b) Bolo – This is an extremely handy agriculture tool which is used for chopping branches, cutting tall grasses and clearing bushes.

c) Hoe – This tool is mainly used for soil pulverization. Hoe is used to cut through the hard topmost layer of the soil.

d) Mattock – This is crucial agro equipment which is also used for breaking the compact topsoil for pulverization. It can also be used to dig up hard stones. This is why it is used for digging canals in an agricultural field.

e) Shovel – This is one of the most common agricultural equipment because of its widespread implications. A shovel is mostly used in moving loose soil from one place to another. It is also very handy when it comes to removing trash matters from the soil.

f) Spade – It is very similar to a shovel. A spade is used for mixing soils and also for removing trash from the soil.

g) Rake – It is basically used for cleaning. Added to that, it is also used for levelling the topsoil.

h) Hand Trowel – This tool can be used to move a plant. A hand trowel is used for loosening the soil around the plant so that the plant can be seamlessly moved from one place to the other.

i) Pruning Shears – They are commonly known as pruners. They are like scissors which are used on plants. Pruners are used to prune the hard branches of a plant. They are very strong.

j) Sprinkler – It resembles a tea kettle. A sprinkler is used to water the seedlings and new plants.

k) Wheel Barrow – This is another popular farm tool which is used for multiple purposes. It is a transportation tool with wheels and two handles. It is used in transporting soils and plants.

l) Sickle – This is a curved hand tool. The curved blade is very handy when it comes to clearing bushes and cutting weeds.

m) Axe – This is another very common agricultural tool which is used to cut big blocks, most preferably tree trunks.

Choosing the right Farm Tool

You can now purchase your favourite tool with a single click. From shovels to how, from spade to sickle, a large variety of farmers hand tools can be easily purchased from popular e-commerce sites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

When you are looking to purchase farm tools, you need to consider durability. This is why you should stick with renowned brands such as TATA.

The TATA products are made from the finest steel. They are strong and can easily last a lifetime. Furthermore, they are very much affordable.


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