A simple and practical guide to effective kitchen renovations

The kitchen is an integral part of every household as this is the site for the preparation of food, our basic need… It is a space in the house, where beauty and functionality meet. Most homeowners want to give a personal touch to this place as they like to flaunt their kitchens with pride to their friends and family. With most kitchen components coming in with the usual standard styles and dimensions, there is a lot of scope for customization for the adventurous homeowners.

Kitchen renovations may seem overwhelming, but there is always some basic stuff you could do to give your kitchen a fresh, new look without doing a lot. Let’s take a look at some of these tips and tricks:

1. Decide on the right layout

Kitchen renovations, in most cases, have to start with the right kind of layout. Figure out where you want to place the stove, the sink or your fridge. These being the main objects in the kitchen, you can set the tone with them… You can be more creative with the location of the sink and the stove if you are not restricted to a fixed gas terminal or outlet for your sink.

2. Go for taller upper cabinet

Good kitchen renovations dictate that you go for taller upper cabinets for more storage space and a general feeling of openness in the kitchen. You will certainly not want your kitchen to appear congested and closed.

3. Don’t go easy with your backsplash

The backsplash is the most significant factor that is going to contribute to the kitchen’s visual appeal. They offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your style and personality through it. You could choose from a range of options available. Good kitchen renovations always focus on the backsplash and its possibilities.

4. Go into the details

Pay attention to the hardware in your kitchen to add more elegance, style, and panache. It has to suit your personality and method for an effective renovation.

5. Lighting

Light fixtures play an essential role in kitchen renovationsWhen someone walks into your kitchen for the first time, the natural tendency is to check the ceiling and the lights you have on it. Lights can make or break your kitchen designs. Kitchen lights should be bright enough to make your kitchen look more radiant and light even after sunset. You can select a particular hue of the light to complement the colour on your walls. The objective should be to make the kitchen brighter and more inviting.

6. Flooring

When it comes to the flooring, you could match it with the rest of the house or choose something distinctive to make sure that the kitchen stands out from the other rooms. If it’s an open kitchen you own, you could go with wooden floors, as they afford your kitchen a classy look. You could also opt for ceramic tiles laid out diagonally for a more refined look.

7. Add greens

You could plant some fresh herbs in colourful pots in your kitchens for the circulation of fresh air. You could also use seasonal plants. If your kitchen has a window, then you place the plants on the sill. Doing this gives you kitchen a fresh feel.

8. Sitting area

Modern kitchen renovations are in favour of a restaurant kitchen, one which incorporates some sitting area. You can convert an existing counter to a breakfast area with the addition of some trendy stools and chairs. When not in use, you could push the seats under the bar, or take them away entirely, to maintain the free look. A wall-mounted dining table could also be used.

These tips are not exhaustive by any means, but they offer you some ideas to start with. You could add to the list or customize it as per your needs.

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Written by Holly Jacob

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