7 Reasons Why Seniors Should Start Using an Adjustable Bed at Home

Most senior citizens experience difficulties when moving from point A to point B. Due to chronic pain, mobility restrictions, and other chronic conditions, these elderly sleepers may struggle to relax when retiring bed, impeding quality sleep. 

Health education 101 states that sleep is vital for optimal physical and mental health. Unfortunately, studies show that senior citizens lag behind in quality nights’ sleep, especially when their bed is uncomfortable. If left untreated, inadequate sleep could affect your overall health and lead to drastic energy decline. Worst of all, an uncomfortable mattress can cause severe pain and aches that may hinder productivity and reduce a senior citizen’s quality of life. 

For that reason, engineers have introduced innovative sleep technology to the market to improve thousands of weary and ache-ridden sleepers’ sleeping experience. With your physical health on the line, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of quality sleep. 

Adjustable beds are among the latest innovations that have entirely revolutionized the sleep industry for senior citizens struggling with chronic pain and mobility impairments. This state-of-the-art sleep technology allows seniors to move out of their bed freely and stay comfortable throughout the night. 

If you know an elderly loved one is searching for a circulation-boosting and acid-reducing sleep surface, here are seven reasons why purchasing an adjustable bed is worth the additional cost. 

Reduces the risk of edema

Edema is a common health complication among the elderly involving the buildup of fluid, mostly in the legs, ankles, and feet. Although this health issue might not necessarily cause pain, it can make the legs feel heavy and make walking challenging. Moreover, some studies associate leg edema with skin ulcers, which can, in turn, negatively impact a senior citizen’s blood flow. 

In severe cases of edema, physicians often recommend medication. However, there are other viable options aside from prescription medication. 

For instance, an adjustable bed can help elevate the legs above the heart and disperse the fluid, thus making walking relatively comfortable. Some leading bed retailers like My UpBed offer top-of-the-line adjustable beds proven to enhance your mobility and comfort.

Relieves chronic pain

As an additional benefit, an adjustable bed allows senior citizens to recline in a suitable position, depending on their sleeping needs. Sitting in an upright and comfortable position can help soothe the pain related to chronic diseases such as arthritis and sciatica. If you or your family member identifies as a senior citizen, purchasing an adjustable bed can benefit all parties involved.

Remedies acid reflux

If you’ve been diagnosed with acid reflux, you should consider buying an adjustable bed. Furthermore, if you’re struggling with this chronic digestive disease, you shouldn’t lie flat while you sleep, as food will have trouble passing through the esophagus and will potentially cause an acid pool. 

The good news is that an adjustable bed can resolve these symptoms by preventing stomach acid rising. Because the adjustable bed allows sleepers to incline their head, these senior citizens can stop these chest-pain-inducing acids from wandering into the esophagus.

Prevents snoring

A closed windpipe (often caused by the neck’s weight) can cause snoring. Too much weight on the neck can prevent sufficient air from traveling through the windpipe down to the lungs. As a result, a person produces the snoring sound. An adjustable bed can help elevate you into an upright position and promote comfortable airflow.

Improves blood circulation

Similarly, an adjustable bed can improve blood circulation in elderly bodies by allowing sleepers to elevate the lower part of their body. This sleep technology can also target your mobility issues, leaving you well-rested and granting you a newfound sense of freedom. 

If you’re suffering from a leg condition like edema, an adjustable can help alleviate these symptoms and other related health complications. To achieve optimal results, ensure you adjust the settings strategically and prop your body’s lower half above your heart.

Improves comfort

Unlike younger people, the elderly often get less sleep per night on average. Once senior citizens crawl into bed, they report finding it hard to fall asleep or even sustain a quality night’s sleep, particularly if their bed is uncomfortable. That’s why these elderly folks need to depend on an adjustable bed to achieve the recommended amount of sleep.

Although the elderly require less rest as they age, the few hours they manage to get should be restful and revitalizing. With a quality seven to eight hours of sleep under their belt, senior citizens will notice improved mental sharpness while benefiting from a reduced risk of memory loss, cognitive decline, and confusion.

Reduces the risk of arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition among the elderly. Without implementing conscious preventative measures, this joint swelling can cause severe pain and stiffness in the joints. However, with an adjustable bed at your aid, users can position their mattresses in any way they see fit based on personal needs. Because these adjustable beds minimize joint strain, the elderly sleeper in your life can enjoy a greater range of motion and maintain their active lifestyles. 

In summary

The best part of all is that adjustable beds don’t require expert operators. With the push of a single button, you can adjust the settings in a snap, meaning even the most technologically-inept users can shift their bed for optimal pain reduction with ease.


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