6 Frequently Asked Questions About Car Ignition

The ignition system is one of the most significant parts for the smooth running of the vehicle. A car ignition triggers the engine cycle to make the car move. Ensuring that the ignition is in good condition lessens starting problems with your car. Poor maintenance of the ignition puts you at risk of getting stranded due to failure. This article has 6 frequently asked questions about car ignition.

Is rekeying of ignition cylinders possible?

Ignition cylinders are complex and work with particular locks. Regardless, a professional locksmith can disassemble and reassemble the cylinder after evaluating working components. Those that need repair are fixed before the cylinder is reassembled. An experienced locksmith has the appropriate skills and tools to rekey or replace the car’s ignition cylinder with ease.

How long does it take to rekey an ignition cylinder?

A professional locksmith with experience and right tools can take about 20 minutes to rekey the ignition cylinder without a full replacement. Even when the cylinder needs a replacement with a new one, a reliable locksmith can do the task in about 20 minutes. With this, you will get back on the road sooner than later.

 What leads to ignition cylinder rekeying?

If you want to use a single key for your car, then ignition replacement is essential. A new cylinder has pre-coded keys and empty wafers. The professional locksmith in Edmond OK will disassemble the old cylinder and decode the new cylinder to make a matching key. This new key allows accessing the truck, opening the car doors, and ignition using the same key.

Is it possible to opt for rekeying instead of replacing the ignition?

When it’s just internal components in the ignition such as pins and wafers with issues, replacing them is an appropriate solution. If you want the truck and door to use a single key with the cylinder, rekeying wouldn’t be a suitable option. For an ignition with substantial damage, getting a replacement is highly recommended. All these can be taken care of by a professional locksmith.

Why won’t the key work in the ignition?

Presence of issues in the ignition inhibit the key from working. Perhaps there’s a problem with reading the key or the ignition switch. For such circumstances, replacing the ignition cylinder is highly recommended. The new cylinder requires programming to work with the old key code by a professional locksmith.

Will the locksmith come to my location?

A reputable locksmith agency has a response unit. When you call and request a locksmith service, a technician is immediately dispatched to your location. The technician will arrive in a company vehicle with appropriate tools to do the task on spot. Luckily, the locksmith will come to your location regardless of time of day and Edmond suburb.

Bottom line

Knowledge about car ignition is essential to save you from surprises on the road. The FAQs above offer insight regarding how to handle your car ignition for proper maintenance and smooth running. The trick is to partner with a trusted and reliable locksmith who will understand your needs. This will give you peace of mind that there’s nothing to worry when on the road.


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