5 Ways Drones are Changing The Real Estate Industry

Aerial drones for making videos and photography has a lot of advantages for real estate industry. Before the drone innovation, capturing aerial shots are costly. Only those high-status properties could afford them since their cost was quite expensive for most professional real estate firms.

But now, drones are becoming more popular in the real estate industry, because of their inexpensive cost, innovative, and contemporary technology. As such, having a compelling photograph is the critical element in the sale process. Here are some benefits of drone technology towards real estate world.

Clear View of the Property

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One of the reasons why drone photography in real estate properties is becoming highly popular is its ability to render the clear aerial shots of the property to satisfy the 90% of homebuyers who are beginning their search online.

It is indeed an added benefit for both the buyers and the sellers. The sellers offer the full and unobstructed view of the real estate assets to the buyers. Further, seeing the video or the image from an elevated position not only renders the whole picture of the property but as well, it makes one look from the various angles.

Property Maintenance

Another benefit of drones is it can deal with the dull, dirty, and dangerous and jobs on the property. It can quickly assess and report regarding the state and condition of the building cost-efficiently, without needing weeks of unsightly and expensive scaffolding.

More so, with the use of property maintenance drones, the specialists can make sure that issues are addressed early and identified before they become more dangerous, hard to discuss, and go more costly.

Besides, when a tenant leaves a property, a drone can prepare an accurate and contemporary video, identify any violations of a lease, or by a resident, as proof of the state and condition of the building.

Exciting Visual Tours

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Using this technology, you can prepare a fascinating tour of the property to fascinate your clients. A drone can cross throughout the house from the front end, and fly in every room to provide a natural tour than station-based photography can offer. You can blend this tour with a professional voice over to make compelling visual stories, rich with history and information.

Construction Purposes

Drones are now used both before building work starts to assure accurate surveys of mapping of proposed structures, through monitoring weather conditions and giving progress reports in real time.

More so, drones can reach points where people can’t, and also assist in the construction process, saving money, time, and avoiding placing of workers in possibly risky situations.

Cost-Efficient Photography

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Admittedly, a drone is much more versatile and portable and works in any environment compared to airplanes and helicopters which are used in earlier days to capture aerial pictures.

With drones, you can capture more detailed photos and videos at low altitudes, catching in a closer view of the front gardens, backyards, and more without spending thousands of dollars in a single task. In addition to that, drones are extremely compact, portable, and lightweight that allows them to fit into areas where helicopters can’t fly.


The real estate market has benefited from technology over the past few years. Each year, innovation of cameras come to the market that offers higher quality pictures, with cheaper yet powerful cameras.

Nowadays, cameras are incorporated into drones to take perfect shots of the properties, cut the cost of aerial shots, and offers more real estate benefits. Lastly, you can visit BombBomb and other related sites for more info regarding drones and real estate.


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Written by Suzy Amis

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