5 Tips to Enhance the Strength of Your Entry Doors

Your home protects your family and possessions. The door is the major line of defense in a home but it requires strengthening to lessen chances of bypass. This makes it imperative to find the means of reinforcing your door by fixing its major weak points.  Thieves usually force their way into a home by forcing a weak door open or if you forgot to close the door properly. Therefore, you have to ensure that your door is reinforced to protect your valuables. Below are some enhancements to make your entry door stronger.

Lock the door always

This is might seem obvious but most people forget to properly lock their doors. About 30 percent of burglaries happen because homeowners didn’t lock their door properly and thieves just walk in. Therefore, regardless of how strong your door is, it won’t protect your property much if you don’t lock it. Ensure to always lock your entry doors or install electronic deadbolts. These relock after being open for some particular period. In case you forget to lock the door, this lock will eventually lock automatically to keep your home safe.

Strengthen the door edge

The section where the bolts travel through when locking the doorframe usually becomes weak. It’s important to have the door edge secured to the frame by the deadbolt and door handle latch running through the door. This is because then thieves kick in the door, most of the force goes to the bolt and latch yet they have a small surface area. This might make them not to evenly distribute this force making it concentrate at the door edge. Reinforcing the doorframe lessens chances of forced entry.

Install stronger locks

Most residential locks are made with grade 3 door hardware. This has the least strength in lock grades. Such locks have plastic parts, no resistance to bumping, shorter bolts, and cheap material. Ensure to call a residential locksmith in Edmond to replace all locks with grade 2 or 1 deadbolt. These must have a quality finish, style, and enhance door security. Additionally, stronger locks have a longer throw making them less prone to being forced open through techniques such as using an airbag.

Install a flip guard

This is a handy after market product will lessen chances of lock bumping. Do you have grade 3 or older locks on your property? Consider investing in the flip guard to make your locks less susceptible to bumping. Weak and old locks can be open by an amateur burglar in seconds. This device prevents lock bumping and preventing opening the door even with a key when activated.

Rekey all locks

Have you just bought a new home or moved into a new rental property? Call a locksmith to rekey all locks. There’s a chance that someone has a spare key they can use to access the property. You might even give your spare to a friend or neighbor and then fall out. Ensure to have all locks rekeyed  if there’s the possibility of some keys floating about. This is a cheaper option to enhance your home security without replacing the locks.

Final thought

Home security is an essential aspect of home living. Your home must be safe and secure all the time to protect your family and assets. The first step to home security is securing your entry doors with help of a professional residential locksmith.


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