5 Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Floors

As you look around your home, do you like what you see? If not, it may be easier to fix than you think. A great way to change the entire look and feel of a home is with brand new floors. If you are considering pulling up your old carpet or tile and laying down something fresh, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Use your joist as a guide. If you are putting hardwood or even wood-looking tiles down, you have the choice between laying the slats long-ways or sideways. For aesthetic reasons, many people choose to install their floorboards lengthwise across the room. But it shouldn’t just be about how it looks. When you’re deciding which way to lay your floor, be sure to run it perpendicular to your joist. This will make your floor as strong as possible and will prevent warping or separating in those pieces as they age.
  2. Your job doesn’t begin with laying down new flooring. Before you ever lay down one single tile or wood slat, you need a flat surface. If there are voids underneath the floorboards, the floor will squeak. You may want to consider leveling your floor with sand and topping it with a rubber underlayment made from recycled materials.
  3. Check your tiles for asbestos. Yes, homes in our area can and do still have asbestos. If the house you are living in was built several decades ago, it is quite possible that it does. Now that you need to remodel the home because if its age, you will upset the asbestos and cause a very dangerous situation for everyone. Before you even begin the project, bring in a professional who handles asbestos floor tiles removal in Bloomfield, MI and have them inspect your home. If it is found that your home does have asbestos, the floor will need to be removed in a very special way so it doesn’t release the spores into the air. Asbestos tile removal in Bloomfield, MI should only be done by a professional.
  4. Nail or glue? This is another important question, if you are putting down wood. If you plan to glue down your tile floor, the only preparation needed is to level the floor. However, if you want to nail down your floor, you need to lay a subfloor. Be sure the total thickness of the flooring plus the plywood is enough to receive the nails.
  5. Read the directions. Anytime you are doing something your your home, you need to make sure it looks absolutely perfect and that won’t be possible if you assume you know what you are doing. For instance, you must make sure you know exactly how long the glue takes to be completely dry.

It is important to remember that some of this can be done by you, and other aspects of a floor remodeling project must be handled by professionals. For example, asbestos floor tiles removal in Bloomfield, MI absolutely cannot be done by the homeowner, only by those who have the right tools, equipments, training, and licensing. It is dangerous and illegal to do otherwise.


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