5 Awning and Patio Cover Designs for your Las Vegas Home

Awning shading or canopies are sheets of fabric, metal or wood used to cover and protect patios, windows and door frames from the elements. The advantages of this type of patio cover are all about the style, color and structure. Bonus: you can create any theme you like using an awning.

If you live in Las Vegas, installing an awning or patio cover for the exterior of your home will be an advantage because they are popular in this region. Add style to your yard while getting some protection from the harsh sun.

If you’re looking for an awning cover design here are the top five most popular styles that are perfect for any Las Vegas-based home.

1. Bistro Style Awning

Awnings made from canvas are the most popular design. You may have seen these awning styles outside restaurants or coffee shops. They come in a variety of colors with bold stripes and a fringe on the edge of the canopy.

Create a stunning outdoor bistro themed setting by using canvas awning. Houses that are painted white will go well with awnings in bright colors such as yellow, orange and red because it creates a beautiful contrast.

2. Thatched Roof for a Mediterranean Effect

Thatched awnings are popular in coastal regions but they’re also ideal for Las Vegas-based homes. The thatched roof awning is used to create Mediterranean themed outdoor bar areas and it’s perfect for the DIY homeowner.

You can use artificial thatched roofing that resembles woven grass for a more cost effective and low maintenance application.

Synthetic grass is made from polyethylene and bound together with a urethane strip. Because the grass is synthetic it won’t mold, shed or attract insects so it will be easy to maintain the new look of your patio cover.

3. Aluminum Awnings for Desert Based Homes

Aluminum awnings are popular for home and business structures. This type of canopy can be a free-standing patio cover or an extension of a house or office block. These types of awnings require professional installation.

If you want an aluminum awning cover for your patio, carport or pergola use a professional company such as Look for a company does Las Vegas-based installations so that they’re familiar with the climate, and read the reviews to ensure that they have great customer support.

4. Vinyl Awnings for a Streamlined Appearance

If you want a streamlined pergola or extra cover for your windows, vinyl awning is for you. Vinyl awnings come in a variety of colors and styles but the best are the designs with see-through panels.

Pair your vinyl awning with aluminum alloy pillars and you’ll have an elegant structure suitable for a contemporary home.

5. Retractable Patio Awnings

The retractable awning can be made from any type of fabric such as canvas, vinyl or acrylic. This type of awning is ideal for regions where you need protection from UV rays and heavy rainfall. It’s a fixed structure that can be retracted using a manual crank or motor to allow sunlight to shine on your patio.

Roll the awning out again when it rains or hails to prevent your patio and outdoor furniture from getting damaged.

The exterior of your home could always be enhanced using various decorative ideas. If you’re big on decorating doorways, patios and exterior window frames you can add a colorful amd whimsical touch with awnings.

Are you ready to add a dash of color to your home’s exterior? Add awning covers to your exterior décor and enjoy the elegant and bright outdoor space it creates. 


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