4 Smart Tips To Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Solar panels can generate clean energy that can benefit any household or business. Are you tired of high energy bills at the end of the month? Perhaps you just want to consider green living. Well, going investing in a solar system is the best option at your disposal. It’s a great idea to invest in a solar system but you have to remember to keep the panels clean always. To make this easier for you, here’re 4 smart tips to keep our solar panels clean.

There’s a catch

Perhaps you’re wondering why all the fuss about cleaning the solar panels. Well, dirty panels can cause a considerable drop in energy generated. Excessive dirt and buildup of grime can cause your solar panels to drop in energy output by about 50 percent. This will significantly affect the use of your appliances that use electricity. To avoid this drop in energy output, the solution is to keep the panels lean always. The following tips will help you deal with this.

Installing the panels at an angle

Having professional installers to install your panels at an angle makes them less prone to dirt and grime buildup. This is a better option than panels installed at a level angle. Additionally, placing your panels at an angle also doubles energy output. Therefore, ensure to have your panels installed at an angle to lessen cleaning requirements of your unit.

Regular professional cleaning

A wonderful idea to keep your solar panels clean always is to contract one of the reputable Bakersfield solar companies  for routine maintenance. These will always have to come to your house to clean your solar system. The company will have the appropriate equipment and experienced staff to handle the work. With a clean solar system, you’ll always have optimal energy output to meet your needs. Having a professional team come over for scheduled cleaning of your panels will ensure that they are always in good condition.

Invest in an automatic cleaning device

With the improvement in technology, there’re products out there designed to automatically clean solar panels. These devices eliminate any inherent risks of having someone up your roof cleaning panels. Additionally, the panel cleaning devices eliminate the hassle of worrying about how to keep the panels clean all year round.

Clean the panels yourself

Are you low on finances? Then, you should consider cleaning the panels yourself. You can do this simple process with water and a good piece of cloth. The time and effort you put in to clean your solar panels will be appreciated when your energy output doubles. This additional energy will save you a significant amount of money and you can get some income through net metering. All your electricity-powered appliances will run smoothly with excess energy to fetch you some income.


Solar energy is a clean and cheap alternative source of energy for homes and businesses. This comes with a small initial investment with long-term benefits. However, your system needs to be clean always for efficient energy production. The tips above will help you keep the solar system clean always.


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Written by James Dean

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