10 Ways To Protect Your Home While You’re On Holidays This Summer

If you’re off for a holiday this summer, you’re probably looking forward to leaving all your worries behind – including your empty house. However, you’ll only achieve the peace-of-mind you want if you’ve taken all of the necessary measures to safeguard your home.

Features like security doors Perth will give your home extra protection and even deter break-in attempts. However,  there are several measures that are often overlooked but can help to give your home an added layer of protection while you’re away.

If you want to make 100% sure that your home is as safe and sound as possible while you’re away on your summer holiday this year, make sure you read the rest of this blog.

Make Sure You Lock All Your Doors And Windows

While this one might sound obvious, lots of families that go on vacation forget to cover the entire house. There might be a window or two in your home that you don’t use often and forgot ever existed. Make sure you check, double-check and triple-check them all before you leave. Leave A Car In The DrivewayA car parked outside your house gives the illusion that there are people at home. This will discourage burglars from targeting your home.

Get Someone To Collect Your Mail 

A mailbox that keeps piling up with letters is a tell-tale sign of a vacant home. Get your neighbour or relative to help you clear your mail while you’re away.

Alternatively, you can request your mail service to stop sending your mail during your vacation period.

Use A Light TimerA dark house is another giveaway that your house is empty, but you don’t want to leave your lights on throughout your entire trip either.

If you don’t have motion lights, consider smart lighting that allows you to control them remotely. There are also other light timers available, so do your research and find a solution that works for you.

Maintain Your Lawn & Landscape If you’re usually the one who maintains your lawn and landscape, make arrangements for someone to help you out while you’re away.

An overgrown lawn is an obvious sign that your home has been unoccupied for a while, so if you have someone who comes in regularly to maintain your yard, don’t discontinue his service while you’re away.

Not only will this help keep your home safe while you’re gone, but it also means that you get to come home to a tidy garden. You don’t want to have to ruin your post-holiday bliss with gardening, do you?

Secure Your Garage Door Apart from your aluminium sliding windows and front door, the garage door is another common point of entry that burglars will target to break-in.

Make sure your garage door is locked and fully secured before you leave for your vacation.

Lock Up Or Hide Away All Your ValuablesDon’t leave your valuables in obvious places like your bedroom. Instead, hide them in places burglars would least suspect (like the kitchen or bathroom cabinet).

This means that if the worst does happen and you’re broken into, your most precious and valuable items will be safe.

If you own a safe, make use of it while you’re away. Advertise Your Security 

Burglars are less likely to target your house when they’re aware that they will face obstacles or run a higher risk of getting caught.

Putting up security system signs next to all the entry points of your house will discourage burglars from breaking in, even if you don’t actually have a security system installed.

Don’t Leave Your Keys Around Your House As hidden as you think your secret key compartment is, there’s no guarantee nobody could find it.

Leave your house keys with a trusted neighbour or relative, or bring them along with you if there’s nothing in your home that needs to be attended to while you’re away.

Don’t Post Details On Social Media As much as you’d love to share your exciting vacation with your social circle online, posting details of it on social media can bring dangerous consequences.

Letting people know that you’ll be away on holiday also means that they will be aware that your home is vacant. You can still post about your amazing getaway once you’re back from it!


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