Your personality and your interior decor

Houses are the place where we are as we really are. Therefore, it is the home where we have to feel naturally, to feel not constrained. The interior of our home expresses our needs and desires, even if we are not completely self-conscious about what we want.

How to make the interior of the apartment suitable for you and your family? First of all, you need to determine what your psychological type is. If by temperament type you are melancholic, you have to choose the interior type very carefully. You may need a lot more personal space than other psychological types. At least it needs sanguines and phlegmatics.

If you’re a solid, serious lady, then in your interior must dominate a rigid rectangular shape. The interior of your dwelling must be overlaid with heights – high ceilings, high cabinets and other furniture. In such interior, you will feel most comfortable. Metal and stones are probably your favorite material. Your entire environment has to show a high status of yours and there cannot be anything besides it.

If you are a calm person – you do not like noisy companies, you like to concentrate on your inner world, your dwelling ceilings and furniture will be low, and the most suitable building materials for you are those that keep the warm, are soft and natural. The small rooms perfectly symbolize your desire to relax a little bit from the outside world.

If you are an optimist, you need spacious and wide rooms. You need a lot of space to express your ideas. The rooms should be painted in bright colors. The interior is decorated with wide windows and translucent materials.

If you are an extravagant woman who likes experiments and decisive, bold decisions, then your interior should be dominated by accents that make your home unique and without analogies.

One of the main fair interior rules is that every member of the family must have an intimate corner in which he will feel extremely comfortable. For this, the age of the family members must be taken into account. If your family has children or elderly people, each of them should have their own room. If the circumstances do not allow this, each of them should still have at least a personal corner with a private space.

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